5 Common Signs Of A Hoarder

by Community and Social Services 30 January 2023


Not everyone that suffers from hoarding disorder is living in cramped property piled high with possessions. If you can spot the early signs of the disorder, you could get the victim help before they end up in an extreme situation.  

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that provides discreet, sensitive hoarder clean up services. Its technicians can also provide pest control, mold remediation, and odor removal services, should they be required.

Read on to find out the main symptoms of hoarding disorder.

Top 5 Common Signs Of A Hoarder

Common Signs Of A Hoarder

1. They find it difficult to throw things away

Hoarders keep possessions that might seem like rubbish to you but have meaning to them. They tend to become attached to items that they feel they need, don’t want to waste, think are unique, or remind them of a certain time.

Even though the items have little use or monetary value, departing them with them can be very stressful.

2. Hoarders regularly buy or acquire new things

Just as hoarders keep items they don’t need, they tend to buy or collect new things, too. For some, this may have been caused by growing up in poverty, or spending money might ease their feelings of distress.

3. Organising their belongings is difficult

As opposed to a collector who acquires specific items and creates an organized collection they can easily review, hoarders keep their things in an unordered way. They often pile them up, making finding specific items very difficult.

4. Possessions are always kept in sight

As hoarders feel comforted by their belongings and struggle to organize them, they don’t tend to store them in boxes, cupboards, or storage spaces. They are typically stacked up on the floor, in walkways, or on surfaces.

As a result, their things can take up a lot of space and may make the property a dangerous environment. Pests might hide and live among their possessions, their home will be full of trip hazards, and getting out in the event of a fire will be hard.

5. The property is becoming unsanitary

In extreme cases, hoarder homes can become hazardous to stay in. When there are so many piles of belongings, it is difficult to regularly clean the property. Mold and animal waste, for example, are very dangerous to be exposed to.

Should there be old, expired food left in the kitchen or half-eaten meals left out, mildew and fungus could grow, as well, and present more health risks to the residents?

Although it is tempting to help a hoarder by clearing out their home for them, this can be very distressing and will not cure them of hoarding disorder. You must get them help first and then bring in professional hoarder clean-up specialists when they are ready.

ICE Cleaning’s technicians have a lot of experience in providing effective and safe hoarding cleaning. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and can be on-site in a matter of hours in an emergency.   

You can find out more about their broad range of services here.


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