Top 5 Tips When Starting a Perfume Business

by Starting a Business 23 September 2021

Perfume Business

Do you want to start a perfume business? If so, you need to combine business knowledge and artistic personal expression. If you properly approach it, it can lead to a great profit margin.

It isn’t necessary to have in-depth knowledge of science and chemistry. All you need is to put in the effort and time, willingness to build resale contacts, ability to research suppliers and experiment with different essential oils.

It can be a bit difficult to try to learn how to start a perfume business. This is especially true if you do it online.

The most difficult approach is going at it alone. If you follow this path, you can spend tons of money and waste a lot of time only for things to not end well down the line.

The easiest approach is to follow some of the tips in this article. If you follow this path, you can start a perfume business while on a budget.

Create an Effective Business Plan

Create an Effective Business Plan

Before you do anything else, you will require an effective business plan to connect the dots in your business. This includes mapping the growth of your business, setting priorities, and more.

Aside from that, a business plan will also help you define your product line. When addressing your business plan, you might have to consider a couple of things.

Find suppliers for raw materials. You will require ingredients to create perfumes.

Some of the most common ingredients for perfumes include preservatives, alcohol, and oils from flowers. Some brands also work with a box manufacturer, such as Hongyi perfume box maker, for their product line.

You’ve got to ensure you find a supplier for each of these ingredients. This will help you guarantee a constant supply of your product in the future.

Next, you have to define your target client. It will be extremely easy for you to produce a product line that satisfies your client if you’re specific about who you are planning to sell them to.

For instance, do you want to sell natural perfume or an eco-friendly one?

Figure Out Your Target Audience

Figure Out Your Target Audience

Communicate with your target audience as you’ve got to know what type of fragrances your audience prefers. This will help you determine your target audience for the perfume line.

You will have to know if they prefer floral scents versus fruity smells, heavy or light perfumes. Knowing these details will help create a product that specifically caters to them.

In addition to that, it is more affordable and easier compared to trying to design a product line that fits every person in the world.

Buy the Bottles

Buy the Bottles

As mentioned earlier, you need to find suppliers. One of these suppliers is the bottle manufacturer. You need to research sample vials, tester bottles, and perfume bottle wholesalers.

Then, you also have to research the designs they provide for every form of container. Make sure you pick the size and shape of the bottle to represent each of the fragrances.

Once you find the right supplier, the next thing you have to do is to contact them. You should ask how many units or bottles are needed for a minimum purchase. Then, ask how much that minimum purchase costs.

In addition to that, you also have to ask about the sample and tester sizes. You and the manufacturer need to arrive at a price you both agree for all the bottles.

Once you and the manufacturer both agree on a price, place an order. Ensure that you always bring hand sanitizer when visiting your suppliers.

Market the Perfume Line

You should expand the exposure of your perfume line by looking for a day spa, aromatherapy, and perfume trade shows where you can present your products.

Doing this will help you gain access to a bigger market. Make sure you design an attractive booth, order a lot of promotional material, and man the booth for the duration of the shows.

Make sure you prepare a lot of sample vials and testers of each scent in the line. Encourage guests to freely try every perfume. Make sure you’re wearing face masks when interacting with people.

Also, make sure you give away a lot of brochures, cards, and sample vials.

If people give you a business card, follow it up with a phone call 1-2 weeks after the show. If they order from you, you need to ship the product directly to them.

Build Your Brand

This is perhaps the most thrilling part. For those who don’t know, branding is the task of generating a story that induces an emotional response with your target audience.

If you create a story, you can help people understand your perfume and why they should purchase it. The narrative of your brand is a crucial component of your product development and design.

However, you need to align the narrative of your brand with your personality.

For this step, you will need a lot of time. The reason for this is that branding will include everything, such as logos, fonts, colors, and more.

A lot of businesses think that they only need to create a website. However, that is not the case.

If you want to attract new clients, you need to make a brand identity. If you want your brand to be outstanding, you need to combine intangible and tangible experiences each time a client engages with it.

Thus, aside from the raw materials and images, you use to generate a brand product, you have to offer your attention and effort to each brand touchpoint. This includes the sales representatives, customer service team, and more.


Starting a perfume business can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you follow these tips, you can make things a lot easier.

Once you’ve established your business, keep on developing new scents. Also, continue to refine your product. Make sure you update your business plan as well.

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