Simplify In-Store Payments with New Processing Terminals

by Small Business Published on: 30 August 2018 Last Updated on: 27 February 2020


No matter the kind of business you operate, cash-based transactions are less popular now than they’ve ever been. It’s almost a faux-pas on the part of store owners to have a “CASH ONLY” sign posted above a register. Forcing customers to use an ATM – especially if you don’t have one on hand – can severely interfere with the flow of payments.

Luckily, ongoing developments in payment processing, moreover, continuously make it easier and cheaper for merchants to process their transactions. In other words, if you aren’t already making use of debit or credit terminals, it’s finally time to make the switch.

No matter what you’re looking for, the merchant services industry has been rapidly expanding the portion of the economy, so there’s plenty of options for store owners. For instance, you might opt for an entirely new Point of Sale (POS) countertop system, or you could go with a simple addition to your pre-existing credit card processing machine setup; no matter the decision you make, the right processing company – such as Swift Payments – will have precisely what you’re looking for. However, if you haven’t already opted for the future of payment processing, here are a few reasons you might want your company to act accordingly.

1. Payment Processing Is More Reliable :

 Gone are the days of merchants being consistently subjected to human error; because each and every transaction is carefully documented by way of chip technology, there’s little room for hiccups. With a credit card processing machine, for example, details of each transaction are stored safely in the confines of a store’s computer system. Even if a mistake is made, it can be detected later and rectified promptly.  Moreover, newer models are faster than they’ve ever been – this kind of speed can significantly bolster the flow of any store or restaurant. It makes complex tasks easy and has the potential to attract more customers, in other words.

2. Technology Reassures Clientele :

Mobile or Bluetooth transaction devices make restaurant payments a lot easier for servers and customers alike – when patrons are not required to get up to pay for their drink or meal, they feel more confident about the comfort and joy they have paid for by going to your establishment. Not only are modern payment processing terminals more portable and durable, they are more secure. Both the hardware and software can be put under a lot of duress. Most POS software comes equipped with identity theft prevention measures, such as end-to-end encryption. With this kind of technology, every party can feel reassured that their money is where it needs to be.

Indeed, there are so many benefits to finding a POS system that is right for your business; it’s simply a matter of letting of that “cash-only” desire that was normalized for a very long time, and instead of looking forward to a productive, profitable future.

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