Efimov: Moscow Business Men Earned a Trillion Rubles for Purchases

by Small Business 12 June 2019


Moscow Vice Mayor in the Government of Moscow on economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Efimov declared the total amount of purchases from small and medium enterprises in Moscow for five years on June 6th at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

The Importance of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum:

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is a unique annual international event in the world of economics and business. Every year at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, held with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation, more than 5,000 representatives of political and business circles, leading scientists, members of the public and the media from around the world gather to discuss key current issues.

This year Moscow authorities have presented advanced procurement practices and technical solutions that qualitatively change the contract system at the SPIEF.

Moscow Deputy Mayor on economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Efimov at the SPIEF 2019 has described the business environment in the capital of Russia. Efimov has stated the following: “Moscow creates open, transparent and equal conditions for business in the procurement market. Specific attention is always paid to participate in the procurement of small businesses. According to the statistics, for a period of five years, Moscow customers have made deals with small business for a total amount of 1 trillion rubles.  Today there is a growing trend in the share of small businesses in the city order of the capital.  From the point of view of a retrospective comparison over seven years, the share of purchases from small businesses increased 12 times. The share of small and medium enterprises accounted for up to 40 percent of the total volume of purchases for the last year.”

Rapid Advancements in Economic Supply Chain Management:

The automated information system “Supplier Portal” was created by the Government of Moscow to ease small-volume procurement procedures. The online resource helps to increase the competition of potential suppliers, gives an opportunity to objectively evaluate the existing market of offers and analyze information on the fulfillment of obligations by suppliers from government and commercial customers.

As Gennady Degtev, Head of the Moscow Department for Competition Policy has stated, Moscow procurement market is becoming increasingly interesting for suppliers from the regions.

“Last year share of regional suppliers have accounted precisely for 25 percent of the total volume of Moscow’s purchases from small and medium enterprises. The main source of growth in the presence of small businesses from different parts of the country has become an online resource “Supplier Portal” which was created as a tool for automating the process of small purchases. The system is now in high demand. From 100 to 200 new users are registered on the Internet resource per day. Such an active interest allows us to predict an increase in the share of regional suppliers in the procurement of Moscow to 30 percent this year,” said Gennady Degtev.

Nowadays over 150 thousand commercial organizations from all over the country are posting offers on goods, works, and services on the “Supplier Portal”.

Technical capabilities of the “Supplier Portal” for small purchases in electronic form are used by customers from more than 30 regions.

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