How Do I Ship Pallets To Sweden?

by Business Development Published on: 24 January 2023 Last Updated on: 28 January 2023

Whether you are a sole trader, a small business owner, or the logistical manager at a larger firm, shipping a pallet to Sweden is often something of a challenge.

Depending on where your customer might be located in the country and the sort of goods you are palletizing for despatch, you may need some expert assistance to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If you are considering bringing in external know-how from a firm of freight forwarders, then make sure they’re reputable and look for membership in the British International Freight Association as a mark of excellence.

In the meantime, what do you need to know about shipping a pallet to Sweden?

Air Freight To Sweden

Air Freight To Sweden

Although air freight is fast, it can be very costly. This sort of service isn’t really suited to palletized goods which tend to be bulky even if they aren’t particularly heavy.

Bear in mind that airports in northern Sweden can become snowbound in the winter which means the speedy delivery you want won’t always be possible.

Furthermore, you need to arrange onward transit for your goods, something that will usually rely on having local know-how in the Swedish region concerned.

Express Courier Pallets To Sweden

Express Courier Pallets To Sweden

Often nearly as quick as air freighting pallets to Sweden, an express courier service could be booked and ready to go the same day. According to Barrington Freight, an international logistics firm with widespread experience in shipping pallets from the UK to Sweden, a van with two drivers is the best way to ensure goods arrive in the country rapidly.

Typically, express courier services will entail your drivers collecting your pallet in Sweden and taking it to Dover or Folkestone to access a cross-channel service. Then, the pallet will be driven almost non-stop into Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.

The E47 bridge between Germany and Denmark is the fastest way to get to Sweden. From there, the E20 bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmö is just a couple of hours’ travel. It is a further six-and-a-half hour by road to get to the Swedish capital, Stockholm, from Malmö by road.

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Direct Services To Gothenburg

 ferry service

Gothenburg, in western Sweden, can be accessed six times a week with a ferry service from the British port of Immingham. Typically, palletized goods will be grouped together and loaded onto a lorry.

The driver can then make use of a roll-on-roll-off service and reach Gothenburg Terminal ready for the onward journey. Groupage shipments of pallets to Sweden, like this, are the most cost-effective option.

Alternatively, you can send multiple pallets to Sweden via Immingham with a container service. This way, your container will be dropped off at the Humber Estuary for you and then collected in Sweden on its arrival. This is a good option for larger shipments of machinery and other heavy-duty items.

Bear in mind that with either option, your consignment will still need to pass through EU customs checks on arrival in Sweden since the UK departed from the customs union.

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