Best Neighbourhoods in Vancouver for Young Professionals

by Real Estate Published on: 18 January 2019 Last Updated on: 03 April 2023

Young Professionals

Today’s modern world is great for young professionals, and that’s especially true for those who want to maintain a proper balance between work and life outside the workplace. Vancouver is a great city for young professionals to live in, and the Vancouver real estate market offers great options for the younger generation. If you’re a young professional, then you should start your search for a home in the following neighbourhoods:

Best Neighbourhoods in Vancouver for Young Professionals:

South Main:

It’s also known as Main Street or the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, but it’s an increasingly popular community in the downtown peninsula. This was once a working-class area with lots of immigrants, but ever since the 1990s, the vibe of the place has attracted young families along with hipsters and young pros. The demographics are fascinating considering than 60% of the population not even 40 years old yet.

It’s great for young pros due to the comparatively affordable rent, and there are lots of trendy restaurants and cool vintage stores. The place is also filled with greenery and gardens so that it doesn’t have that depressing, overly industrial vibe.

The Drive:

Also known as Commercial Drive, this neighbourhood boasts of great ethnic and cultural diversity that the young appreciate. It’s one of the oldest residential areas in the city, and it used to be called Little Italy. Now it’s a lot more bohemian, but then you still get to enjoy plenty of Italian delis and espresso. The community is extremely welcoming and tolerant, and that’s why creative individuals, activists, students, and the members of the LGBT sector feel affection for the place.

Housing costs are also relatively inexpensive, but you get lots of benefits here when it comes to socializing. You have numerous bars open until the wee hours, coffee shops with poetry readings and live bands, ethnic restaurants, and lots of shops.


If you live here, you’ll learn to call the place “Kits” and it’s an area known for its laidback atmosphere and focus on health. While nowadays it’s attracting more urbanites with active lifestyles, it used to be a haven for hippies and bohemians, and there are still lots of them here.

The beaches here are gorgeous, and yet it’s just southwest of downtown Vancouver. That makes home prices somewhat more expensive, but some young professionals can afford the rent of apartments.

These young pros do have lots of health-conscious places to frequent here, from the yoga studio and wellness centers to gyms with personal trainers and snowboard and surf shops. There are also plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants, so these young urbanites will feel right at home in the city.

South Granville:

Here the apartment prices are lower even though on average the sizes of the apartments are larger. That may seem strange since South Granville is only a few minutes away from downtown Vancouver, but the young workers aren’t complaining at all.

With so many restaurants offering creative dishes, the community is certainly a haven for foodies. There are lots of bookstores and art galleries, while you also have both independent and upscale boutiques and shops. It’s still a somewhat quiet neighbourhood, but the influx of young adults is turning the community into a livelier social center.

The West End:

About 40,000 people live here, and you get to enjoy an extremely diverse population. The atmosphere is quite laidback, and you don’t stress over the commute as it’s easy to get to your downtown workplace. It’s great that here you also find beaches and parks along with shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes.

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