How To Set Up Your Crafts Business

by Business 05 April 2022

Crafts Business

The arts and crafts bug has been caught by many people, and many are turning what used to be a simple hobby into a complete crafts business that can run from their homes.

You may believe it would take a lot of time, effort, and money to set up your own crafts business and start selling your homemade products right away, and while it won’t be the easiest journey, it certainly is not the hardest if you know what steps to take.

6 Steps For Setting Up Your Crafts Business

The crafts business is always a great idea for any artist to improve their income. How to start the craft business? For setting up the craft business, you have two options. 

One is to register your name and your craft items on any eCommerce-based website. Other than this, set up your own website and sell the items.

Here are six easy steps for starting your craft business.

1. Develop A Attractive Website

You will need to put your products out there, whether you make a website to showcase them or join a platform where you can upload photos of your products (or you do both).

The customers need to buy your crafts business products from somewhere and have an easy way to contact you and learn more about you.

2. Add Photos Of Your Crafts Works

Close up of a shoemaker measuring and cutting leather Free Photo

Make sure you take great photos of your products with the right lighting and accessories to make them stand out. If you’re selling print t-shirts, then hire a few models to wear them for the photos or be the model yourself. 

If you’re selling art in your crafts business, then decorate around it, show how it would look like in someone’s home, and make it real for the customer.

3. Fulfilment Provider For Storing Your Items

If you don’t have the time or space to store your crafts business products in your own home, consider getting a fulfilment provider to make things easier for you. 

This way, the provider will store your products and will be in charge of the entire order fulfilment, so you can focus on making your business successful and answering your customers’ needs.

You can learn more about fulfilment providers at

4. Advertise On Social Media

4. Advertise On Social Media

Use social media to your advantage. Having a website dedicated to your products and services is not enough. You need to make your brand or business known on Instagram as well. 

This is a relatively simple process for a crafts business. But it can make an enormous impact on your sales. You don’t even need to work extremely hard on this. Just use the same photos and descriptions from your website.

5. Join YouTube Or Live stream

Besides Instagram (and maybe TikTok), considering showcasing your crafts business products live should be one of your top ideas on how to advertise your products. 

People love to see the interaction with products they want to purchase. By doing it on platforms like YouTube or even on live streaming platforms, you can directly communicate with potential customers and hear what they’ve got to say or ask about your brand.

6. Ask People To Leave Reviews!

6. Ask People To Leave Reviews!

One of the most challenging things is to get started. The beginning, though, could be a little smoother and easier if you asked people to leave reviews on your website or the platform you use to sell your products. 

Most customers will be happy to do it, but not everyone will think to leave a review, so you must remind them once they’ve received their order.

This will not only show other customers you’re in the crafts business, but it’ll also let them read more about others’ experiences when purchasing from you.


The first step for a crafts business is introducing the digital concept. After that, you can start anything like a small video tutorial or any live show. This marketing is always getting instant attention from your customers. And people will be well aware of your brand name.

All of these steps are easy to follow. These are more like easy and quick guidelines when setting up your crafts business, and you’ll see that in no time, you’ll have a successful business to be proud of!

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