Advantages Of A Second Business Number Fixed On Your Mobile

by Business 12 October 2022

Business Number

Every company naturally wants to be as accessible as possible to its customers, and a business telephone number is of great importance in this respect. In the past, this often involved considerable costs.

You had to install a telephone exchange in your company and the phones often had to be maintained or replaced. Consequently, this option was almost exclusively reserved for larger companies, and not for small self-employed people or SMEs.

However, thanks to modern technology, there is a cheaper option that offers a solution for every business. With cloud-based business telephony, you have a modern telephone exchange where everything is controlled via the cloud.

So you no longer have to worry about telephony for your business, buying devices, and maintaining them. With cloud telephony, everything is taken care of for you.

What Is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony, also known as Voice over IP, is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, for both small, medium, and large enterprises. It offers telephony flexibility and reliability, and it is also inexpensive.

Cloud telephony is basically calling over the internet, with the service running through an online PBX. Thus, you no longer need a fixed PBX, but calls can be made via a VoIP phone or via a smartphone app. The principle is very simple: when your business number is dialed, your mobile phone rings. So you are no longer dependent on a landline, which opens up many new possibilities!

Cloud telephony providers often offer several subscriptions and packages, depending on the size of a company. Via servers in a data center, the services are then offered to the provider’s customers.

Thanks to an online portal or app, you can then access your subscription and adjust your PBX settings. So the big advantage is that you are no longer tied to a landline and can therefore save costs on your business telephony.

Available Everywhere

Thanks to cloud telephony, you gain flexibility and functionality. Wherever you have internet, you can use cloud telephony. So you can enjoy all the benefits of mobile telephony.

Internet calling is also increasingly becoming the norm, as it has become faster and more reliable, allowing you to be reached anywhere, anytime. As an entrepreneur, this is obviously of great importance so that customers can always call you, even if you are on the road or working from home, for example.

So you are no longer tied to an office or a desk, cloud telephony works anywhere in the world. Calls can be forwarded to your mobile phone, or, for example, to an employee’s number wherever they are.

So you can also receive calls when you are abroad, for example, or if you have branches in multiple locations. Thanks to online business telephony, you are always available to your customers everywhere.

Of course, you can also choose when you cannot be reached, for example outside office hours or when you are on holiday. You can then forward the number to a colleague or voicemail, so you are not disturbed. Via an app or online platform, you can easily set up where incoming calls should go.

Choose Your Business Number

use a business number

If you want to appear professional to your customers, it is a good idea to use a business number for your company instead of your own private number. Thanks to internet calling, you actually have two numbers on your mobile: one for work and one for private.

You can choose a different ringtone for each number, making it easy to distinguish when an incoming call is from a customer or your partner, for example. This keeps work and private life nicely separated at all times.

You can choose what kind of business number you use for your company. If you would like to provide a toll-free number for your customers, choose to request a 0800 number.

You also have the choice of a local number (e.g. London 204, New York 212, and so on). Or you can even opt for an international number, such as Germany, or France, for example, or buy US number… everything is possible!

Additional Functions And Advantages

With an online PBX, you also have many extra, smart features that can help you organize your business telephony. For example, you can easily set up a selection menu, where callers hear a spoken text and can choose from various options. The software then connects callers to the right employee.

A smart queue with its own message or music on hold is also an option, with callers transferred chronologically. If you are not available, you can also set up a digital answering machine where callers can leave a message. This is then forwarded as an audio file to your e-mail, so you can listen to the file there.

Of course, as a start-up, you’ll also want the option to adjust telephony to the size of your business. Cloud telephony allows you to easily adapt to developments within your business.

When your business expands, you can easily add new users, lines, and functions. The online PBX can thus grow with your company, with multiple phone numbers or even a complete virtual call center.

So, are you looking for an efficient and flexible solution for your business telephony? Then Cloud telephony is definitely recommended!

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