5 Exclusive Tips For Securing The Best Mortgage Rates In Texas

by Real Estate 21 December 2022

Mortgage Rates

Are you wondering how to secure better rates on your mortgage? No doubt, a mortgage is a convenient option many people use to buy homes in Texas. But the mortgage does not always come with the desired rates. Some will offer high-interest rates and require you to negotiate with the lender to push them down.

Essentially, mortgage shopping is not always a walk-in-the-park journey. It can be stressful and tiring, especially when it’s your first time seeking one.

You will need to speak with loan officers. But remember, they are working for money. They will convince you to take the mortgage even when the rates are unfavorable.

Five Prime Steps For Securing The Best Mortgage Rates In Texas

The good thing is that you can secure better mortgage rates without working with a loan officer. Here are the tips to help you achieve it:

1. Work on your credit scores

credit scores

Credit scores are essential elements in your mortgage. The scores determine whether you will qualify for a loan and the interest rates you will pay. A low credit rating attracts high-interest rates. When your scores are poor, you cannot get a lender ready to offer lower rates.

Having good scores indicates that you are a reliable lender who will not default on the loan. This means they can allow you to pay for a given period as you are a low-risk customer. If you are planning to get a mortgage, you need to start working on your scores.

You can request for your credit rating report from a credit bureau in Texas. To qualify, you are on the safer side when you move your scores to 800 points. Hitting this mark will attract the best mortgage rates from different lenders.   

2. Make a more significant down payment

Sometimes, fixing your credit ratings can be a challenge. But it is not the only option. You can secure better rates by making bigger down payments. Paying a huge amount of money needed will mean that you will only require a little financing to realize your goal.

As you may know, many mortgage lenders in Houston, Texas, require you to pay a down payment of 30%. If you can make it 40%, you will only need 60% from them. Substantial down payments will help your get better rates and reduce your repayment period. So, it comes with double gains. 

3. Reduce your debts

Reduce your debts

Do you have some debts? Debts are not always bad ideas but have some consequences. When you are in need of a mortgage, the debt-to-income ratio is one of the considerations in determining the interest rate you will pay. A bigger ratio will mean high rates. For this reason, you need to work on your credits.

Pay off any credit card balance, student loans, or other loan facilities. Also, consider good documentation of your income. Having this information will help you get a reasonable rate than other borrowers. Hence, start clearing your pending debts if you want to secure a favorable mortgage rate. 

4. Compare different mortgage lenders

Mortgage lenders in Texas do not have a universal interest rate. Each lender will determine their rate depending on various aspects. This being the case, it is essential to shop around before choosing a lender.

Request for quotes from various mortgage and home loan financers. Then, compare and contrast their rates exclusively. Also, check the type of mortgage they offer. This way, you will get information on the best rates in the market that you need to consider.    

5. Consider mortgage points

mortgage points

Buying a home is a long-term plan. You start planning home ownership immediately after you secure an employment opportunity or establish a source of income. Instead of saving for a down payment, you can start buying mortgage points. Each point amounts to 1% of the total mortgage amount.

When you buy these points, you can secure lower rates and shorter repayment periods. You exchange the points with an upfront payment. However, the points can take months to mature. So, it would help if you planned well. If your home ownership goal period is shorter than the points’ term, you can opt for other options.  

Wrapping up

In a word, getting a better mortgage rate from Texas lenders can be a challenge. You may not succeed if you have poor credit scores and undocumented income. But the good news is that there are many approaches you can use to succeed in this mission.

Paying off your debts, increasing your down payment amounts, and considering mortgage points can be good ideas. So, you can consider them if you want to get better rates in your next mortgage.

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