Guide To Renting Cars In Melbourne For Under 21-year-olds

by Automotive 29 August 2022

Renting Cars

Renting a vehicle is about as common as you would imagine, especially in a world where traveling has become mainstream.

Countless cities throughout the world are home to an equal number of companies that offer this service and to no one’s surprise, Melbourne, Australia is one of them.

Seeing that the majority of the world’s travelers are younger people, they need to understand the way renting cars works in this city. Car rental Melbourne under 21 laws have a similar layout to those of other countries and cities according to Carngo.

However, the difference in age restriction and extra payments, as a result, have to be closely monitored.

Let’s check out the main tips you can follow.

What you need to know before renting a car in Melbourne

Renting only exists because as you travel from another country, for example, you cannot take your car with you. Similarly, those who simply don’t have a car in any city would want to access this type of service.

Before understanding the car rental Melbourne under 21 process, you have to know the basics of renting vehicles in this part of the world. Renting a car at any age requires certain things to be to keep things running smoothly. The following are the keys needed for a successful rental process:

  • A full international driver’s license
  • To be 18 years old at the lowest
  • To have a credit or debit card

For the international driver’s license, you have to make sure you have it in English or provide a copy with a translation for countries that don’t use the language.

For tourists and others going to Melbourne from overseas for whatever reason, an international permit that comes with no restrictions is a viable alternative to a license. It is also important to keep your passport and other related documents close to you. This is to avoid any legal issues that could come from their absence.

Every country has an age limit, which if met, requires no payment of additional fees. The US for example, has a nationwide age limit of 25, save for a few states.

In Australia, the age limit to rent a car is 21. Being younger than 21 brings up an additional fee that can range between 10 and 25 dollars. For those looking to have an additional driver for longer drives, an extra fee of fewer than 10 dollars will be asked of you.

The Renting Process

Whether you are a local or international driver in need of rental services, a few steps will allow you to do just that and drive freely on the road. Assuming that you have every requirement and document needed, the following is a guide to renting vehicles in Melbourne.

Renting Process

Step 1: Planning

As you are planning for your trip to Melbourne, you should add renting a vehicle as one of the key things. Fortunately, technology has made this a fairly easy thing to do as all it would take is a quick search for a dealer on the internet. Not all dealers are the same and this means that you have to find one that best fits you and your needs.

It can be taxing to roam through every car rental company in a city like Melbourne and it is for this reason, you should opt for sites that compare dealers. The following are some of the key things that set rental companies apart and will probably affect your decision concerning dealerships:

  • The price of the service
  • The type of cars available and their qualities
  • The average prices for those under the age of 21
  • Any other additional services such as quality insurance and their prices

Step 2: Picking a car

Finding the right car in Melbourne usually depends on what you will be doing in the city and how long your stay will be. You have to consider, however, that different cars have equally varying prices. The typical 21-year-old doesn’t always have enough money to rent larger vehicles.

This is why they often go for smaller vehicles that do provide comfort and functionality but don’t come anywhere close to breaking the budget. In addition to this, the car you choose has to be in good shape, otherwise, it could lead to discomfort at best and catastrophe at worst.

Step 3: Finalizing all the paperwork

Once you have decided on everything that is necessary, you can then finalize the paperwork courtesy of the chosen dealer. This is done by reserving a car for yourself and then going out to get it when the green light is given.

All the documents necessary on the parts of both local and international customers will no doubt, have to be in order. After this, the rental agreement will be fairly easy to sort out with the car being yours to drive for the allotted time.

Things to keep in mind

Before, during, and after every drive with the rented car, you have to remember certain things for convenience’s sake. The following are just a few of the, most important things that will make your driving experience in Melbourne more enjoyable and less risky:

  • Adapt to driving in Melbourne, where all of it is on the left
  • Understand all the driving laws in the city, including the legal speed limit
  • Keep a navigation system to help you get around
  • Use a sim card native to the city to aid in better communication

Final thoughts

For anyone under the age of 21, the added cost of renting a car in relation to age is a thought that is a bit of a nightmare.

When added to the other costs of the rental process, it becomes even worse and the consideration of public transport creeps into their minds.

However, public transport can be even more tedious and expensive, which requires careful planning of the car’s rental.

If done right, you could end up saving enough money while gaining the full experience of driving in Melbourne. For those under 21, the fees will come, but it will be worth it.


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