Buying Cars Through Car Auction In America

by Automotive Published on: 06 September 2022 Last Updated on: 07 September 2022

Car Auctions

Trying to find a car worth buying can be extremely difficult.

In today’s market, it has become more and more expensive to buy a car with raised prices, especially from a car dealer. This makes it much more important to find a deal with your while.

Because of this, many people have turned to auctions to buy a car they will love for years. Whether the car is vintage or one of a kind, there is something for everyone within a car auction.

With SCA insurance auto auctions, this process doesn’t need to be long, difficult, or expensive! They are dedicated to helping you find a car that is perfect for you and your needs at a reasonable price.

You may be wondering how car auctions work and how you can find them. This article serves as your guide to car buying through auctions.

Different Types of Car Auctions

Different Types of Car Auctions

There are many different types of auctions you can choose to buy a vehicle, and there is one that is right for everyone.

1. Dealer-Only Auctions

As the name suggests, dealer-only car auctions are for used cars sold only to other authorized dealers. Licensed dealers use them to buy used vehicles and locate other great deals to buy and sell more and more cars. Many dealerships receive most of their inventory from these dealer-only auctions.

2. Public and Online Car Auctions

Public car auctions are open to anyone looking to buy a car, so a dealership license is not necessary. Having online car auctions for the public makes car buying more convenient. Their inventory comes from a wide range of sources, such as wholesale cars, junk cars, insurance vehicles, and even luxury sports cars. They also include government and police car auctions.

Car Dealer vs. Car Auction

Car Dealer vs. Car Auction

Using both car dealerships and car auctions have its pros and cons. Nowadays, many people are turning away from dealerships and leaning towards car auctions to find the car they really want, but both methods have their perks.

Car auctions have a huge range of vehicles to choose from. Of course, the same can be said of used car dealers, but many of these dealers get the vehicles they sell from car auctions.

Because there are so many vehicles that are put up for auctions, many dealerships will find them and resell them. For example, SCA holds auctions for cars often sold to dealerships and put on the lot.

A common myth often spread around is that car auctions are unreliable and sell troubled cars. Although this is sometimes the case, the same can be said about car dealerships. Every company or individual that is selling a car could potentially be trying to sell a troubled car, but most are not.

One of the biggest differences between a car dealer and a car auction is that the car auction is usually much cheaper than the dealership. This is because the price is mostly determined by the buyers rather than the company as a whole. As a result, it can be much more flexible, and there are plenty of opportunities to score a great vehicle at a low price as opposed to the dealership.

Another difference is that when you buy a vehicle from a dealership, you can test drive it and inspect it. This often isn’t the case with car auctions, which can occasionally lead to problems.

Note: One of the biggest advantages of using a car dealership is the option for trade-in, which is not possible for a car auction. Even so, selling your car and buying a different one at the auction can be complex. Luckily, SCA Auctions can make the entire process simple and quick!

How to Buy Through an Online Auto Auction

Online Auto Auction

It is easier than ever to buy a car online from a car auction. Many car auction sites, like SCA Auctions, allow you to buy salvage and clean title vehicles nationwide. There are very few steps involved in buying a car that you will love, and the process has become easier and easier over time.

Most auto auction sites will require you to register for an account before joining an auction. Then, you can choose to bid on a car passively or join a live auction. You can also choose auctions close to your location, so you can simply pick them up yourself if you win a bid.

The prices for bids on auctioned vehicles can start as low as $25 and grow from there. They can then be shipped to you, but you usually must pick up your new ride!


Buying used cars through an auction opens up a world of opportunities, such as accessing a wide range of vehicles, buying them at a lower price, and not being subjected to as much pressure from salespeople to buy. As a result, buying a car at auction now has many advantages over buying a car at a dealership, which should be considered when buying a new vehicle.

Having car auctions online has greatly shaped how cars are bought and sold, making it quicker and easier than ever. SCA is one of the most trusted car auction sites around, and they are a great place to start when choosing a car that you will love for years on end.

Other sites for buying and selling used vehicles include Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, Manheim Auto Auction, and Motley’s Richmond Auto Auction. Barrett Jackson is highly regarded as hosting the world’s greatest collector car auctions across multiple cities in the US.

With over 75 years in the business, Manheim is regarded as the nation’s leading provider of end-to-end wholesale solutions. A family-owned business, Motley’s Richmond Auto Auction has 32 years of experience under its belt and prides itself in providing a wide range of inventory through partnerships.


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