How To Remove Cylinder Liners?

by Technology 14 January 2022

Cylinder Liners

Cylinder liners often need replacement when they are damaged or cracked. If you find that your cylinder liner is distorted, you must replace it. A cylinder liner is an integral part of the engine.

Like any other machine, cylinder liners do wear out after some time. In this article, we will discuss how you can replace your old and damaged cylinder liners with a new one. Before we delve into the actual topic, we will also discuss some ways to check the condition of the cylinder liner.

How to check the condition of cylinder liners?

Here are some ways to check if the cylinder liners are damaged or not.

  1. Scavenge inspection
  2. Liner related problem
  3. Piston overhaul
  4. Routine checking of liner ovality

Let us now discuss how to remove cylinder liners. Make sure to replace them with only the best liners like the Fabauto Liners. The lifetime of a cylinder liner depends on how the engine is being operated and the type of fuel oil used.

However, the general life of a cylinder liner is anywhere between 40000 RHS and 90,000 RHS. Besides that, remember that the liner bore’s size directly affects the life of a cylinder liner. Therefore a liner with a small-bore has a lesser life than the ones with a larger bore.

How to open a cylinder liner?

Here are some steps that you should follow to open a cylinder liner.

  • Firstly, you need to acquire an immobilization certification.
  • The next thing you should do is to get a toolbox for everyone who will be a part of this process. Discuss the complete procedure with your team first and ask them to read the manual properly.
  • Make sure all the necessary tools and equipment are ready.
  • Ensure all the safety measures are taken, and everyone in the team uses the personal safety equipment.
  • Stop the starting air for the main engine.
  • Engage the turning gears
  • Now, open up all the indicator circles of the cylinders.
  • Switch off lube oil pump as well as the breaker
  • When the jacket’s temperature comes down, switch off the inlet water valve. This will allow the unit to be overhauled.
  • To maintain the jacket’s temperature, keep the other units in the pre-heating system.
  • Now drain the water of the jacket of that unit from the liner and exhaust V/V
  • Now close the fuel oil of the concerned unit.
  • Once the full oil is shut, you should dismount the head of the cylinder with the help of appropriate lifting tools.
  • Now remove the sealing ring present at the head of the cylinder liner.
  • Once you remove the sealing, turn down the piston so that it is possible to grind away the rear ridges present at the top of the cylinder liners with a hand grinder.
  • Now you can dismount the piston with the helps of steps given in the article’s next section.

Procedure for cylinder liners removal for MAN engine

Where is a step-by-step guide to remove cylinder liners for the main engine:

  • Make sure that the liner lifting tool is maintained correctly. Make sure that the screw, chain, and lifting hook are adequately attached without any deformation.
  • Make sure that the safety strap of the lifting hook is functioning perfectly.
  • Tighten the lifting screws in the cylinder liners according to the rated torque, which is present in the manual on either side
  • Ensure that there is no gap between the screw landing surface and liner surface after you tighten the screws.
  • Now you can disconnect the cylinder oil pipe connection.
  • Once you disconnect the cylinder oil pipe connection, you can dismount the cooling water pipe between the cylinder cover and cooling jacket and clean them properly.
  • Now take off the screws from the cooling water inlet pipe.
  • Once you remove the screws, attach the crossbar to the crane of the engine room. This will complete the lifting arrangement for the cylinder liner.
  • Finally, you can hook the chain on lifting screws from lifting screws and then lift the cylinder liner.

If the cylinder liner is stuck, you can use hydraulic jacks at the bottom of the liner and then apply hydraulic pressure. This will move the liner slightly. Now you can lift it using a crane or lifting tool. For more information, check this out.

What should you do after removing the cylinder liner?

Here is what you should do once you remove the cylinder liner:

  • Keep the cylinder liner on a wooden plank vertically.
  • Clean the frame of the cylinder internally, especially the contact surfaces of the liner located at the top of the frame
  • Remove the O ring present in the cooling water pipe
  • Now clean the pipe properly

Final Word

This was all about removing cylinder liners. A cylinder liner is an essential component of the combustion chamber. Thus the health of cylinder liners is very crucial for the proper functioning of the engine.

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