5 Reasons Your Employees Should All Be Wearing Name Badges

by Small Business 22 February 2019

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Business transparency is one of the most important values to consumers, and what is more transparent than wearing name badges?

Each employee will be able to be identified immediately because their name and position are listed prominently on their badge. But how can wearing badges benefit your business?

We’re here to answer that question for you. Here are 5 reasons your company should be using name badges.

1. Better Communication

If you have a large staff or you’re often introducing new staff members, communicating can get confusing. You might have employees forget names or call someone by the wrong name, which can cause mistakes to happen and lead to delays in production.

Using a company like Best Name Badges can streamline communication and allow employees, managers, and customers easily identify each staff member.

2. Improved Security

Another problem that faces bigger companies is the potential of a security threat. If you run a business where not everyone knows each person that works there, someone can easily walk in and pretend to be an employee.

This poses a serious security issue, which is why using badges can be useful. Each employee should have their own badge that grants them access to the building and to certain areas. Without an employee or visitor badge, you won’t be able to enter.

3. More Accountability

If your staff works with customers or clients on a daily basis, wearing badges can really make them accountable for their work.

For example, if you have a staff member that treats a customer very poorly, the customer won’t be able to complain to management about that employee because they don’t know the person’s name.

Having your employees wear badges means they will be held accountable for their work. This also means when your employees do well and a customer is pleased, they can let management know how great that employee is doing!

4. Builds Company Recognition

Corporate branding is an important aspect of creating a successful business. And wearing name badges allows your employees to wear your logo loud and proud.

When a client or customer looks at your employees and sees the badge with the company name and logo, it builds company recognition.

Your employees will also wear their badges outside of the office, where non-clients can see your company and start to recognize your brand, potentially leading to future sales.

5. Stronger Customer Relations

Wearing badges allows customers to feel like they know who they’re working with. It brings a more personal aspect to the business exchange and makes customers feel as though the company is transparent.

Badges make employees easier to approach and talk to because it feels more like a regular human interaction than a business transaction.

Use Name Badges and Reap the Rewards

Using name badges may seem like a small decision, but they can benefit your business in a number of ways. It’s an easy, inexpensive idea that will not only improve how your business functions, but how consumers view your company.

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