Realty Canada: 9 Best Places To Invest In Real Estate BC

by Investing 26 April 2018

Invest In Real Estate

British Columbia, on the western coast of Canada, is an ideal choice for investors. The rugged coastline is warmed by the Pacific Ocean and sheltered by mountain ranges and unspoiled forests. With natural resources of minerals and timber, a thriving agricultural and fishing industry, and popular with tourists, the area has many exciting opportunities for real estate investment.


is proving to have enormous investment potential. Sheltered from the west and the north by high ground, including the Nicomen Mountain, the local economy relies heavily on agriculture, but recent years have seen a steady growth of new development providing homes for families wishing to leave behind the pressures of city life. With good transport links, the city of Vancouver, barely 100km away, is still within easy reach.


is a well-established town that has a flexible range of properties to suit every requirement including easy to maintain bungalows, affordable family homes and much larger houses set in extensive grounds. Excellent schools in the area and nearby National Parks providing the opportunity for outdoor activities, it is currently one of the most popular choices for families.


particularly the White Rock district of Boundary Bay is attracting investment in many different sectors. Families choosing to relocate from Vancouver are encouraging growth in local businesses and services that are providing investment opportunities on a large scale.


has been steadily growing for decades and has a variety of properties to suit every age group. There is an excellent infrastructure already in place providing exciting real estate opportunities in commercial properties across a variety of sectors. The mountainous scenery of the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Park and the coastal beaches make the area a desirable location to settle in.


is at the southern end of Vancouver Island. Every real estate agent in Victoria, BC promotes the ambient Mediterranean style climate which encourages the growth of so many tender plants, that Victoria is known as “The Garden City”. When choosing to invest in real estate in Victoria BC there is a confidence that the value will be improved upon. The city’s heritage dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, providing the investor who wishes to buy a house in Victoria BC a choice of styles from traditional family homes with Edwardian charm to stylish contemporary apartments. With a well-established infrastructure, transport links including a daily ferry to Seattle, excellent educational opportunities and superb amenities for recreation and socialising, the Victoria BC real estate market is understandably flourishing.


is situated on the western side of the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Park. The real estate market is considered to be one of the most stable with an excellent choice of realistically affordable properties including stylish apartments and townhouses. Family homes are much sought after and therefore sell very quickly.


is in the midst of beautiful surroundings with magnificent views of mountain ranges to the north, but has suffered a decline in investment over recent years as businesses and families have relocated to new developments at Chilliwack and Coquitlam. However, with prices having fallen, there is now the enormous potential for making sound investments in commercial and residential properties, particularly those situated along the seafront.

West Vancouver

presents very attractive investments in the luxury sector that are almost guaranteed to provide a profitable return. An exclusive district with an excellent range of amenities such as restaurants, bars and leisure facilities, it is ideal for older professionals. There are well respected schools in the area that families will appreciate. West Vancouver is conveniently linked to surrounding districts by efficient transport systems including the Lions Gate Bridge to the south.

The Sunshine Coast

BC comprises the five communities of Sechelt, Texada Island, Pender Harbour, Powell River, and Gibsons. Prime real estate opportunities abound in this highly desirable location. Benefitting from the warmer currents straight from the Pacific Ocean, the climate of the Sunshine Coast is very similar to that of Victoria, ensuring mild winters that avoid the heavy snowfalls of inland Canadian territories. Half Moon Bay and the various inlets around Gambler Island and Bowen Island are popular for boat trips, the parks in the area, numbering more than twenty, provide recreational spaces, while the nearby Ceran Forest is ideal for hiking. Commercial real estate is centred around businesses catering largely for the tourist industry. Residential properties are predominantly aimed at people seeking to retire there or for those hoping to invest in a holiday home. With some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in the world, the mild climate of British Columbia offers many exciting real estate investment opportunities that are too good to miss.

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