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by Money 29 January 2019

It sounds like the premise for a corny movie, but what do you do if you really need some cash quickly? Remember, you don’t want to depend on winning a high-stakes all-night poker game, or doing anything illegal! Here are some ideas for those times when you’re strapped for cash and need something in the wallet soon.

Sell What’s Valuable:

For considerable money quickly, one time-tested method is to get cash for your gold today by going to a reputable jeweler. It usually isn’t too hard to find a gold seller and buyer nearby, and if you have old jewelry or other valuables lying around, turn them into that thing you need right now. Be prudent, find a reliable and trustworthy person to buy it, and don’t flippantly sell something on a whim that’s been passed down by generations of your ancestors. But if you need cash quickly, this will work.

Sign Up for an Event Staffing Agency:

There are agencies which connect high-grade companies in need of staff for events and people looking to supplement their income with some extra work outside the regular 9-5 hours. Events may include things like launch parties, sporting events, or something else. While there’s no guarantee you’ll get work, and if you do there’s no way to know how long it’ll take to get it, but there’s no harm in trying. Better to cast more irons in the fire.

Check the Help Wanted Ads People Actually Use:

You may as well check the classified section of print newspapers, but focus on the forums people actually use the most today. Check Craigslist and Kijiji for odd gigs offering cash—it’s hit or miss, but there could easily be something there you’re qualified to do that will set you up with the cash you need.

It could be anything from being an extra in a film, some quick labour or landscaping, teaching, or something else. If you know a few languages, there are often translation services needed. If you only know one language, teach it to someone who doesn’t know it! There are schools in China you can connect with, and teach online from the comfort of your home.

Similarly, check the same sites under the “for sale” section to see if anybody is looking to buy something you have and no longer want. Or, look through your home to see if you currently possess something you don’t need that you can sell online.

Drive or Bike for Money:

The rise of ride-share apps makes it possible for you to earn some extra income on the side with your car or bicycle if you have one. Signing up with these companies is usually not very difficult or time-consuming, though the precise process differs depending on which city you live in. Sometimes the companies give sign up bonuses. You can also work with them and pedal your bike around the city to deliver food for people—it’s a healthy, active way to make some extra cash.

If there was one guaranteed path to making a quick fortune, everyone would do it. But if you need cash, persistence and creativity will pay off.

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