8 Frequently Asked Questions about Errand Services

by Customer Service 06 July 2021

Errand Services

Whether you are considering starting an errand service yourself, are looking to hire one for your daily errand needs, or are considering working for an errand service – there are some common questions that you may have about the industry. Getting answers to these questions can help you make the best decision for you and/or your business.

Below, an errand service in Jacksonville explains the top 8 questions asked about their errand services, with a brief answer that should help you find answers to your own questions.

8 Frequently Asked Questions about Errand Services

Learn more about errand services with these top 8 frequently asked questions:

1.  What is an errand service?

1.  What is an errand service?

An errand service is a service that runs errands, such as picking up groceries or food, delivering packages or mail, and picking up and delivering retail items. These services may be local (within a geographic area), regional, national, or international.

2.  During what hours is an errand service available?

Most errand services operate during normal business hours. If they have a rush or same-day delivery service, then they may have errand runners or courier drivers on hand to perform those tasks during “off hours”. Some services offer 24/7 service.

3.  What services are available?

3.  What services are available?

Many companies that offer errand services also offer courier services and delivery. Some of the most common services include scheduled pickup and delivery, on-demand business delivery, rush delivery, business services, and healthcare delivery.

4.  Are errand services really needed?

Yes! Many businesses rely on errand services to perform tasks that normally would take staff members out of the office. By hiring an errand or courier service, they can keep their staff focused on the tasks at hand while still getting the product or service where it needs to go.

Additionally, an increasing number of senior citizens are relying on errand runners to pick up groceries and handle errands they are physically unable to do on their own. This is a valuable service, especially considering there are around 50 million senior citizens in the United States.

5.  What does an errand runner do?

5.  What does an errand runner do?

An errand runner is a person who is running errands. This person may run general errands or be specially trained to pick up and deliver certain items. For example, a specialized medical errand runner or courier driver is trained in how to handle medical equipment or lab specimens.

6.  How much do errand runners get paid?

Errand runners generally make between $20 and $40 per hour. This depends on what party of the country they are in, and what sort of errands they are performing.

7.  Do errand runners have insurance?

Yes! Errand runners are required to have auto insurance on the vehicle that they use to run errands. Furthermore, some states require commercial auto insurance or special insurance. These depend on your state and the type of errands that you plan to run. If you work for an errand company, you will still need to have auto insurance, but you may be covered under the company’s liability insurance policy, as well.

8.  What supplies does an errand runner need?

If you want to become an errand runner, you will need to have a car and a cell phone. A computer is preferable, but not required. The most successful errand and courier services are those that are well organized to maximize efficiency. Errand runners and courier drivers must stay organized so they know when and where to go.


As you can see, there are a lot of questions surrounding errand services. Whether you want to work for an errand company, start one yourself, or need to hire an errand runner – we hope these answers will help you find a bit more direction as you continue to plan.

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