Best Places To Put Your Marketing Stickers

by Marketing 18 January 2022

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It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in. If you want people to hear about your product or service, you simply must find creative ways to advertise your business. Sure, paying for Google ads and TV commercials will do you a lot of good. But there are other ways you can promote your business, such as putting marketing stickers on public transport and your company vehicles.

A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to advertising your business in person, but there is a cool and subtle way to do this. Yes, we are talking about custom stickers. If you can think of a creative way to advertise your company, you can create custom stickers at, for example.

4 Easy Places To Put Your Marketing Stickers

4 Easy Places To Put Your Marketing Stickers

When you are searching for the best places to put your marketing stickers, the first thing which you have to evaluate is the usages of the places. Of course, putting a marketing sticker on the most common front is the best place. Next, you have to select the frequently used areas where your easy-way advertisements are getting maximum visibility.

However, you must be strategic about where to put those stickers. Here are a few good places.

1. Laptop Or Phone Case

One of the best ways to subtly promote your business is to put your custom stickers on your laptop or phone case. As an entrepreneur, you use your laptop and phone every single day, and this might be a good opportunity to allow people around you to see the name of your company.

Laptop stickers are especially good if you work in a co-working space where someone from a different company might notice your brand’s marketing stickers. The phone back cover and gripper both are very good places to put your marketing stickers.

2. Backpack

If you’re looking for a cool way to show people in your co-working space and people in public transportation what your company is all about, then you should put your custom-made marketing stickers on your backpack.

In case you travel by car, then you can have fun with car stickers. The backpack is a very visible place, and if the design is good, it will definitely catch people’s attention. In case you don’t wear a backpack, you can put the sticker on the laptop bag.

3. Suitcase

Being an entrepreneur, especially a successful one, means that you have to travel a lot to foreign countries and other towns. In other words, you have to pack a suitcase every few weeks. You can use this wonderful opportunity to advertise your business by putting creative stickers on your suitcase.

This strategy is pretty similar to the backpack one, but if you put your sticker on the suitcase, more people will see it. This is a good way to find your target audience and a potential investor. Also, putting custom marketing stickers on your suitcase will make it look unique, and no one will take it by mistake at an airport. Just make sure to be subtle about it. One sticker per item will get the job done.

4. Advertisement Vehicles

Public transport sounds very old fashioned, isn’t it? But putting the marketing stickers on the vehicles is improving your brand’s visibility. The best part is you can evaluate the whole route of the vehicles. And easily monitor the positive responses from your marketing stickers.

You can put advertisements in the marketing stickers on public transport. Just you have to run a legal agreement with the owner of the vehicle. And have to pick the car which is moving around your city.


These four places are more convenient where you can put on the marketing stickers. And all of these four places are daily usable products and transportation. Undoubtedly your marketing stickers will get the maximum brand visibility. So, where are you planning to put your marketing sticker? Let us know your opinion through the comment sections.

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