Why the Intellectual Property Attorney You Choose For Your Trademark Matters

by Real Estate 25 December 2018

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The right Arizona trademark attorney can help you brand your invention the right away. Applying for trademark protection can be a difficult and overwhelming process, especially when you are not familiar with it. To receive the best trademark assistance, meet with a knowledgeable attorney that can help you protect your unique brand.

What is a Trademark?

The United State Patent and Trademark Office defines a trademark as a brand name. This includes a word, name, symbol device or combination that is used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish goods and services of one seller or provider from those of others.

Did you know that federal registration of your trademark is not mandatory? However, there are advantages to registering your trademark such as exclusive rights and notice to the public about the registration of the trademark. This is where a trademark attorney will be very beneficial. They can help explain all of your options and choose the best ones for you and your invention.

Why Work with a Trademark Attorney?

Applying for a trademark isn’t a walk in the park. There are documents to fill out and terms to understand. A reliable and knowledgeable trademark attorney will provide you the insight and legal advice needed to get through the trademark registration process. Introducing your brand and establishing it successfully in the marketplace can be hard work and challenging. You need to protect all of your hard work with trademark protection. The right attorney will customize a plan to reach your goals. They will also assist in all trademark searches needed, handle all registration documents, help with any trademark conflicts, assist with trademark licenses and come up with a strategy to protect your brand.

When working with a trademark attorney, you will receive assistance understanding trademark protection and how to use it to benefit your business, as well as receive help choosing the right trademark. A trademark attorney is also responsible for conducting thorough trademark searches to determine the availability of the trademark, counsel you on the meaning of the registration process and all of your options, monitor trademarks for infringement worldwide, ensure trademarks are being used properly and protect your international trademark.

Working with a trademark attorney will take the stress off of you, knowing that all of the legal processes of protecting your invention are in the hands of a trusted and skilled attorney. It can be difficult to learn all of the details when it comes to trademarks, so leave this up to the professionals.

Parsons & Goltry

When looking for the right trademark attorney, Parsons & Goltry has the experience to guide you through the trademark process. Our legal team represents inventors to make sure inventions are protected. We have experience with a wide range of clients and inventions, always taking the time to listen and understand what you want. With years of experience, we have specialized in intellectual property and proud to have an outstanding track record. We always present logical, yet aggressive arguments, keeping the inventions best interests in mind. Parsons & Goltry are there to counsel you, represent you and help you and your invention succeed.

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