Top 5 Fonts Used By Professionals In Graphic Design

by Business Development Published on: 01 August 2022 Last Updated on: 04 August 2022

Professionals In Graphic Design

We are surrounded by typography. Just one walk around your local street, and you will be able to see different fonts. Furthermore, we consume fonts all day long – on our phones, adverts, posters, leaflets, newspapers, and books. The reason is simple – Typography is an important element of any design.

The purpose of typography is to ensure that the words that are used in graphic design are loud, clear, and visually appealing. Graphic designers do not employ their own made type phase, but they do use different fonts to make the text look attractive.

Today, we will discuss what font is all about and share some of the top fonts used by professionals to make their graphic design stand out.

What Is A Font?


Without going into the complex terminology and technicalities, the easiest way to describe the fonts is the design of the letters and the details they contain within them.

Some of the most commonly used fonts are –

  • Arial.
  • Times New Roman.
  • Calibri.
  • Roboto.

Although technically, a font contains different typefaces, point size, color, and much more, you can simply call them all together as fonts, where different fonts have different names.

When you download a font online, you buy a digital copy that must be installed on your computer. Once installed, only then can you use it for graphic designing.

Family Of The Font

When you buy fonts online, you often hear the seller saying that they are selling the complete family of the font. This might sound great, but what exactly is it?

When you are using a font, you have access to its entire family. That means you can make it –

  • Bold.
  • Italic
  • Bold Italic.

All these variations are different fonts, and together they are called font family. So when the seller is talking about selling you the entire family, they are talking about giving access to use the font in all variations.

While talking about fonts, some fonts are Open Type Fonts (OTF), while some are True Type Fonts (TTF). It is important that you are aware of the differences. And if you are having any problems with the fonts, you can use the font converter on Creative Fabrica to convert the fonts to regular ones. With this Webfont generator, you can automatically turn for free every ttf and otf file into a web font package.

The Role Of Font In Graphic Design

By now, you know what fonts are. To put it simply, fonts are when designers tell a particular typeface and use it in their graphic design to share information.

You might have thought about it, but just as important as colorful graphic designs are, fonts are equally important. In fact, it is the font that helps convey messages. Graphic design acts as a supportive mechanism.

Here are a few important reasons why Fonts are important in graphic design.

  • It grabs the audience’s attention.
  • It conveys your message to the audience.
  • It tries to hold a conversation.
  • It improves readability.
  • It influences mood and feelings.

Top Fonts Used By Professionals In Graphic Designs

1. Futura

Futura is a font that is often used for text that is on a large display. Now, this can be the front page of a magazine, logos, book, or corporate typefaces.

The Futura font is based on a perfect circle, rectangle, and triangle used to make the font. While some do hate the font for god knows what reason, we are still to find graphic designers who would say the font is bad.

If you are looking for some loud fonts that are easy to read, Futura is the perfect shelter for you.

2. Rockwell

Rockwell font is quite popular because of how squarish the letters feel. Because of this characteristic, the letter of Rockwell comes out clean and super sharp.

It belongs to the slab serif fonts, which is also known as Egyptian or square serif. The letters look more sturdy and straight and hold a no-nonsense attitude whatsoever.

A font like Rockwell is super adaptable, and perhaps because of this reason, you will find this font in every graphic designer’s arsenal.

3. Bodoni

If you want your text to have a more dominating aura among all the different text on the page, Bodoni might just do the trick.

Bodoni is perfect for writing headlines, logos, advertisements, slogans, and decorative texts. The narrow underlining of the letters is what marks the Bodoni font.

The face of the letters has an extra contrast with the thin and thick strokes which follow geometrical construction.

4. Trajan

Trajan font is getting popular. In fact, it has also found its way into Hollywood movie posters. If you see Trajan fonts, you will easily recognize the font. This is because it is one of the most used fonts in religion, law, marriage, and class.

The design of Trajan is based on Roman square capitals and is used for inscriptions at the base of Trajan’s column. And this is where it got its name from.

5. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is an all-purpose modern sans. It gives your graphic design a minimalist look. This font comes out super clean and easy to read, no matter where you use it.

There are three widths to choose from when using Proxima –

  • Nova.
  • Nova Condensed.
  • Nova Extra Condensed.

Each width comes with 17 different fonts that give you the variation you need for different graphic designs.


Although choosing the right font for your graphic design project can be time-consuming, it is certainly worth your time. With the perfect font on your graphic design, the fonts can be heard loud and seen clearer.

Graphic design professionals keep many fonts ready at their disposal; this keeps them always ready for new projects.

So, whether you are just exploring or looking for some new fonts to add to your collection, we can assure you that you will find this article helpful.

On the ending note, we would like you all to request to suggest your favorite font or the one you like to use the most. This will also help you gather some unique fonts for our collection.


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