6 Practical Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

by Business 29 February 2024

Plumbing issues like burst pipes and clogged drains are major hassles. Further, these problems always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times.

But fear not! With a few handy plumbing hacks up your sleeve, you can tackle these issues like a pro without breaking a sweat. Here are six practical plumbing hacks every homeowner should know:

1. Unclogging Drains with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and expensive drain cleaners! When faced with a stubborn clog, try this natural and effective solution.

Start by putting baking soda down the drain (around 1/2 cup). After that, pour the same amount of vinegar into the drain. 

Keep the mixture inside the pipe for around 15-30 minutes. Then, use hot water to wash the mixture off the pipe.

The fizzy reaction between the baking soda and vinegar helps break up the clog, leaving your drains clear and flowing smoothly.

2. Fixing a Leaky Faucet with a Rubber Band

That incessant drip from a leaky faucet can be annoying and wasteful. Luckily, you can easily silence it with a simple rubber band.

Wrap the rubber band tightly around the faucet head, making sure it covers the opening where the water comes out. This makeshift fix creates a tighter seal, stopping the leak in its tracks until you can properly repair it.

3. Silencing Noisy Pipes with Foam Insulation

Are you tired of hearing loud banging or rattling noises whenever you turn on the water? Those sounds are likely caused by loose pipes banging against the wall.

Fortunately, you can dampen the noise by adding foam pipe insulation. Cut the insulation to size and wrap it around the pipes, securing it with duct tape if necessary.

Not only does this hack reduce noise pollution, but it also helps prevent heat loss from hot water pipes.

4. Loosening Tight Plumbing Fixtures with Heat

Stubborn plumbing fixtures like nuts and bolts can be a nightmare to loosen, especially if they’ve been in place for years. Instead of struggling with brute force, try using heat to loosen them more easily.

Use a hairdryer or heat gun to apply gentle heat to the stuck fixture for a few minutes. The expansion caused by the heat will help break the bond of corrosion or old plumbing tape, making it much easier to loosen the fixture with a wrench.

5. Preventing Toilet Clogs with DIY Deodorizing Bombs

Keep your toilet smelling fresh and prevent clogs simultaneously with these homemade deodorizing bombs. Mix together one cup of baking soda, one-fourth cup of citric acid, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Gradually add water until the mixture holds together like damp sand, then press it into ice cube trays or silicone molds.

Let the bombs dry overnight, then drop one into the toilet bowl whenever you flush. Not only do they release a pleasant fragrance, but they also help break down waste and prevent clogs.

6. Detecting Silent Toilet Leaks with Food Coloring

Silent toilet leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water without you even realizing it. 

To check for leaks, you need to pour food colors into the toilet tank. A few drops of the food color will be enough. Now, you need to wait for 15 minutes without flushing.

If the water in the bowl changes color, you have a leak. Most often, the culprit is a worn-out flapper valve that needs to be replaced. This quick and easy test can help you catch leaks early and save water and money on your water bill.

With these practical plumbing hacks in your toolkit, you’ll be better equipped to tackle common plumbing problems around the house.

Remember, a little DIY know-how can go a long way in keeping your plumbing running smoothly and your home in tip-top shape.

Some Other Plumbing Hacks You Must Know 

Plumbing issues are uncalled for most of the time. So, knowing more hacks will always be beneficial for you. So, along with the six best hacks shared, you can check out the following.

Avoid Using Chemicals For Cleaning The Drains In Your House 

Many of us have this tendency to pour a chemical solution or acid into the pipes and drains whenever there is a blockage.

However, this is the worst thing you can do for your plumbing system. So, talking about plumbing hacks, you have to completely stop the use of chemicals based on your whims and fancies. 

Chemicals can cause massive damage to the drainage system in your house on a short-term and long-term basis. Further, by using a chemical, you are creating a problem for the environment. 

So, whenever a drain is blocked, you can try resolving the issues with a plunger. If you cannot resolve the issue using a plunger, you must contact a professional plumber immediately. 

Have A Clear Idea About The Main Water Shutoff Valve 

Whenever there is an emergency, you need to shut off the main water valve. Otherwise, your entire house will get flooded, causing major damage to the upholstery and furniture.

Sudden water flooding caused by plumbing issues can also trigger major electrical issues, which can be fatal for the residents. 

Nevertheless, usually, you will find the main water shutoff valve in the basement of your house. You can also locate it under your kitchen sink or in the utility closet. 

In case you are unable to locate where the main water shutoff valve is, you can use the meter key to cut the water supply outside at the in-ground water vault. The best thing is to contact a professional plumber for necessary help. 

Avoid Clogging The Kitchen Drains With Food Particles 

Many of us have this tendency to put small food particles or waste down the kitchen sink pipeline. This is a big No-No for homeowners if they want to avoid sudden plumbing problems. 

Think logically. Whenever you make the food particles go through the kitchen pipes, you trigger a blockage.

Further, with the food waste piled up in the pipelines, you invite coaches, rats, and other insects and animals that are harmful to your house and the health of the residents. 

So, as a homeowner, you must be particular about how you dispose of food items and how you use the kitchen sink. 

Final Words 

With some smart changes in our regular practices and smart plumbing hacks, we can avoid plumbing issues.

For example, we can be moderate with our use of toilet paper. Using excessive toilet paper can cause drainage problems as these can block the pipes. 

Another smart thing you can do is to use a hair catcher. You can even get a drain cover installed to avoid this problem of hair pillage or blockage in drains. 

Most importantly, you cannot solve all plumbing problems on your own. So, if you think that there is a situation you cannot manage, get in touch with a professional plumber immediately. 

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