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by Marketing 10 April 2018

Plumbing Company

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there are 75,200 active plumbers in America.

What’s more? The job outlook is expected to grow at a faster rate than average in the next ten years.

Being the best plumber in the world doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t know how to advertise your business. Putting your business out there helps to attract and retain the right clients. Plus, it supports your PR efforts in a massive way.

In this post, we’ve got some great tips for marketing your plumbing company. Let’s get to it!

Make and Keep a Dynamic Website :

Many plumbing businesses fall short with this one. But it’s really important that you establish yourself with a professional website ASAP.

After all, with more and more consumers turning online for products and services, a lack of a website may turn off people completely.

Your website should be informational and aesthetically pleasing. You want people to easily be able to locate your services, specials, and contact information (check out Hays Plumbing and Drain for a perfect example).

Finally, just because you set up a killer website, know that your work isn’t totally done. By keeping an active blog and regularly updating your content, you’ll boost your SEO.

In layman’s terms, SEO is what drives traffic and moves your website to the front of Google (which means way, way more business for you).

Maximize Local SEO :


In case you didn’t know, just implementing SEO best practices isn’t enough for your plumbing company.

You need to maximize local SEO. For example, if you work in Anaheim, California, you want to rank as high as you possibly can for plumbers in Anaheim, CA.

Google’s algorithms determine your local SEO rank, but it’s something you need to consider in your marketing plan.

Again, you can go the DIY route with maximizing long-tail keywords and SEO practices. Or, you can consider outsourcing to a pro to get the job done. Whichever you choose, this is not the area to skimp out on!

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of paid search campaigns. With these campaigns, you’ll show up as a “sponsored ad” via a banner, video, or text.

Even though you’re paying for this service, you’re at the forefront of your potential customers’ search results. In that regard, the marketing fees can easily pay for themselves.

Brand Yourself with a Slogan and Logo :

When it comes to running a successful plumbing company, people need to know who you are.

Even if creativity and graphic design isn’t your forefront, it doesn’t take much time or effort to create an effective marketing campaign.

Think about the major businesses that you know. Chances are, you unconsciously associate them with certain logos or images.

Keeping that in mind, you can DIY this yourself or outsource a graphic design specialist to do so. Having a consistent brand not only makes you look professional, but it also makes you stand out from the competition.

Implement Social Media :

Social Media

If you’re not active on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you could be missing out on entire troves of customers.

Yes, this may feel time-consuming. However, the payoff is usually worth its weight. It doesn’t cost anything to set up a social media account, and you can use it to distribute your content.

Post relevant blogs or articles. Share special deals or contests that you want to host. Interact with your customers- you’ll build your credibility and likely build lasting relationships.

Consider Videos :

Want to advertise yourself differently from all the other guys out there? Consider creating content videos for your plumbing company.

You can talk about major plumbing issues (like when to call a plumber). Or, you can simply make easy tutorials, like how to unclog a toilet.

Videos don’t need to be very long, and they don’t need to be complicated or overly high-tech. Often, a good cell phone camera and some very basic editing skills can do the job.

Furthermore, if you post your videos on your website, you’ll increase your SEO. This will increase traffic to your site, and that will enhance your overall reputation. It’s a win-win!

Keep With the Paper Advertising :


While it’s true that many people turn online for their new hires, you can still target many new customers via paper advertising.

When people move to a new area, they may be in need of a plumber. Or, someone may have a sudden plumbing crisis and just want to call the first number they can find.

This is where service brochures and promotional offers can serve you well. Do yourself a favor and aim to build relationships with various business and apartment complexes.

Make sure that you always carry business cards and brochures with you. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re out.

With paper advertising, you can build your relational skills (always a bonus in this industry), and you’ll advertise your plumbing company.

Create Coupons :

There’s no way around this: there are many customers that will simply hire a plumber based on a “good deal.”

Even if you don’t want to be the cheapest in town (and you shouldn’t have to be), it’s not hard to tempt potential customers at a discounted rate.

Discounts can vary from a certain percentage off to a flat-rate price for the total service. If they like your work? You can secure repeat business by offering a referral program or a discounted rate for their second project.

Coupons are great for community business publications and newspapers. After all, plumbers work directly with the locals. Strategically place yourself where the locals will find you.

Final Thoughts on Advertising Your Plumbing Company :

It’s crucial for you to consider how you can effectively reach new customers and build lasting relationships.

Don’t let your marketing efforts fall by the wayside. By staying proactive and following these basic tips, you’ll be receiving plenty of phone calls in no time.

Are you interested in learning more dynamic sales and marketing tips to improve your business? Be sure to check out our blog today for more exciting ideas for growing your plumbing company.

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