Planting for Profit: Top Tips for Landscaping Around Your Business

by Real Estate Published on: 20 April 2017 Last Updated on: 15 September 2021

Landscaping Around Your Business

First impressions really do count and they become even more important when you are welcoming a customer into your business premises.

If you have a drab and unexciting front area around your business or it is scruffy and could do with a makeover, what does that say about your business?

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Investing in some landscaping and a facelift will help say all the right things about your business. Here are some tips and insights to help you make that all-important first impression, including why it pays to draw up plans, the importance of planning maintenance, and why hardscaping matters.

Creating a professional look and welcoming vibe

If you have invested in business premises you will want to make the most of the opportunity to create a positive impression of professionalism and make visitors feel welcome.

Aside from those positive benefits, there is also the added incentive that employees will enjoy coming to work when they arrive at a place of work that is so inviting.

The reasons for landscaping the exterior of your business are compelling, so how do you go about doing the work required?

Landscaping plans

It makes sense to draw up some plans beforehand in order to play around with various design ideas and options before settling on the one that works best in the space you have available.

Think about how you want your business sign to look around the landscape and plan ahead to consider how the landscaping will develop and what it will look like when everything matures.

If you have an overgrown lawned area to contend with that has been attacked by pests you might need to do some pest control work such as using rodent smoke bombs to clear the area of these pests and allow you to get on with the task of creating a beautiful space after the treatment.

Think about caring for your landscaped area

You want your landscaped frontage to look good all the time and that means you should think about how you can keep it looking that way as easily as possible.

Installing a sprinkler or drip irrigation system on a timer would be a good way of helping to ensure that the lawn and plants look as healthy and vibrant as possible all year round. Don’t leave planned maintenance as an afterthought as it’s much better and more cost-effective to install a system during the landscaping work.

Hardscaping is your chance to impress 

Giving your business customers the perfect welcome to your premises is not just about adding seasonal colors and a lush lawn, you often need some hardscaping to create that wow factor.

Ask your landscaper for some custom hardscaping ideas to get an idea of what will work best, or you might have your own ideas like installing a seating area or a water feature.

Walking up to the entrance of your premises via a beautifully landscaped path is yet another surefire way to create the right impression with all your visitors.

Invest in landscaping around your business premises and it might even help to boost your profits when you have so many happy customers who feel reassured by the welcome they get.

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