Three Ways to Get Your Craft Based Small Business Ready for Summer

by Small Business Published on: 15 April 2017 Last Updated on: 04 May 2019

Craft Based Small Business

Craft based small business is becoming a big deal, with more and more people with a talent for creating beautiful handmade things beginning to sell them to make a secondary or main income. Many customers love the idea of owning something unique, or which has been made by an individual with skills and design ideas rather than mass produced, and so love to go to these kinds of independent businesses when they want to buy gifts, clothing, and things for their homes. Of course, the growth in people doing this type of thing also means there is more competition when it comes to selling homemade items on the web, and so for a lot of craft based business, it is also necessary to try and make sales locally at fairs and other events.

With the summer coming up, there are going to be plenty more festivals, street fairs and other things you could set up a stall at and make sales, and if you live in an area with a lot of tourism, you may also benefit from selling to people who are on vacation and want to take something nice home with them. Aside from Christmas, summer can be the busiest time for craft businesses, so here are some tips to help you get ready to make the most of the coming season:

Find a Way to Start Accepting Credit Card Payments:

Credit Card Payments

When you sell online, it is very easy to take card payments, and this is often one of the only options you have. When selling in person at events, however, many small businesses only accept cash. This means they may well be missing out on sales, as for many people, cards are by far the most convenient way to pay. Ahead of the summer, look for a good credit card machine for small business, so you will be able to offer payment by card at your events.

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Plan Your Calendar:

Most of the kinds of local events you will want to attend will already be in the diary, so now is a good time to start looking into what is going on over the summer so you can begin planning where you are going to be on different dates, and think about logistics if you need to find ways to transport your wares to the events or ask people to help you man the stall.

Get Crafting!

Of course, none of this helps if you run out of things to sell early in the season and are too busy to restock, so it can be a good idea to up your productivity in terms of manufacturing new pieces ahead of the summer season. If you have some ideas for new designs or products, now is also a good time to make some test versions, so you can confidently add them to your range when summer comes.

Don’t underestimate the opportunities the summer season brings for local selling, and start planning now!

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