Planning to Turn Your Living Space into an Office?

by Management 27 June 2019

Living Space

Today, office space in our home is not merely a show-off but a necessity. There are a lot of people that bring their office work at home, and then there are those who prefer working from home. Thus, here are the five essential factors one must focus on to give a quintessential aura to their living space, similar to the conventional corporate at Battersea area.

So, let’s begin –

1. Selecting a proper workplace:


While there are a good number of rooms in our living space, we still need to allocate some room for an office. Firstly, it is a must that a separate room is chosen solely for the workspace. Secondly, while choosing, one must pick the room with the least distractions caused due to kids playing around, the noise of a vacuum cleaner, and other chores. Basically, far away from the kitchen, child’s playroom and/or the laundry room.

2. Plan Your Workspace Wisely:

To assemble the ultimate productive, functional and of course, an appealing corporate outlook into your living space, you must plan prior to setting up an actual workplace. Make a list of the required devices and accessories, rethink if you will be having frequent visits by clients at your office. If so, there has to be a sofa for clients to sit and wait at. Consider setting up a PC and a printer; office work requires seldom faxing with a stable internet connection. So, keep these in mind.

3. Fix the electrical setups:

Office space means tons of electrical lines and wirings to be installed. Thanks to the Internet that has further simplified modern technology; on the other hand, now there are complicated variables too. Suppose, you have set up the perfect home office but when you are ready to install the fax machine or the all-in-one printer, the WiFi stopped functioning. So, make sure all the cables have been connected properly.

4. Bring in the required Furniture and refreshments:

office furniture

It is necessary that while setting up a workspace inside your living space, you should be considering an outlook that will further resemble the job you do for a living.

A chrome chair, a work station, file cabinets, wasteBin, shredders are a must. For visitors, arrange simple refreshments like an automatic coffee machine, a corner table with spoons and drinking mugs. Oftentimes, you will have visitors that prefer tea over coffee, so keep both along with a jar of cookies, in case one of the clients decides to bring their little child with them to your office.

5. A Workstation or a desk?


While setting up a working space gives a thought to what amount of time you will be spending there, and according to that decide if you want a workstation or a desk. Basically, if you have both paperwork as well as computer work to be done consider getting a workstation, but if you only work by computer or laptop, a desk will suffice. Remember, the desk space should be adequately spacious with drawers so you don’t need to run around for important files, stapler or other essentials while at work.

⮚ Business needs

⮚ Personal comfort

⮚ Supplies

⮚ Budget

In terms of Communication equipment’s one will require:

a. telephone line

b. Internet line

c. Cordless headset

d. Answering machine

In terms of office general supplies, these are some things we often miss out:

a) Business cards (paper)

b) Envelopes

c) Letterhead

d) Postage stamps

e) Printer cartridges

f) Pen drive

g) Pens

h) Pencils/Erasers

i) Accordion files

j) File folders

k) Hanging files

l) Pencil holder

m) Printer paper

n) Note pads

o) Fax paper

p) Paper clips

q) Hole Puncher

Lastly, it is advised that you project an important and serious looking business image through your in-home workspace. One must invest their imagination, creativity and each and every small detail to décor the ideal office since it will add to the wow effect while reflecting your professionalism to every visitor.

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