What are the Benefits of Working in a Shared Office Space?

by Management 05 June 2018

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Researchers who specialize in studying how workers thrive conducted a survey on people who work in coworking spaces. This study was done to see how they thrive in that environment. Much to their surprise, on a 7-point scale, these employees scored an average of 6 points.

That was at least a whole point higher than average employees who do their jobs in traditional office spaces.

This sort of score is unheard of. So what makes working in a shared office space so effective? Are there lessons to be taken here for more traditional offices?

There are a number of reasons why working in a shared office space causes such a positive change to happen for people. We’ve listed a few of these benefits for you here!

What is Co-Working?

Co-working is a new alternative to traditional office spaces. The concept allows independent workers and entrepreneurs to share a workspace that is open rather than a traditional cubical or coffee-shop setup.

Co-working has proven to be beneficial in running successful businesses and maintaining professional careers.

It Saves Cash :

When your business gets to a certain size, you might want to scale up from your office at home into an office space. However, renting an office space can get pretty expensive. Co-working spaces can cost a lot less than conventional office real estate.

On top of sharing the cost of the office space itself, you will also share the costs of the utilities. If you’re in Texas, visit this website to learn about putting custom electrical work into your shared workspace.

It Increases Productivity :

In a recent survey, 74% of people involved in a shared workspace reported that they were more productive. This productivity boost could come from the access that you have to a dedicated desk and equipment.

However, it’s also a sanctuary away from the many distractions at home or a cafe. When you don’t have to deal with interruptions, you can enter and stay in your workflow.

It Gives You Job Control :

Another benefit to coworking spaces is the fact that they are normally accessible 24/7. You can decide if you want to put in a long day or take a break midway through. You can decide if you want to work in silence or collaborative spaces.

There is no one to stop you if you need to take a day to work from home, as well.

It Provides Social Networking :

The aspect of a 9-5 life that many self-employed people tend to miss after they break off on their own is the socialization. Even business owners who keep a healthy work-life balance feel isolated sometimes.

However, co-working spaces allow you to dive into office relationships without having to work for a company. These spaces are created to bring the bustle and energy of office life for everyone.

You will meet new people and share ideas in a co-working space and these ideas can help reinvigorate and re-engage you with your business.

This doesn’t even count the new clients you can discover while co-working. You will be surrounded by accomplished people who will wind up being accidental assets to your crew.

Look at the talent around you and recruit clients from your co-working space to expand your business.

You Can Get a Better Space and Location :

These collaborative workspaces can offer more expensive and in demand prime locations that you wouldn’t be able to afford if you were renting on your own. These workspaces can be located in financial centers or busy business districts.

If a small business or entrepreneur tries to get an office space in this building, they’ll probably be snubbed by building owners because their business is too small.

You Can Get Unbiased Feedback :

Shared workspaces are great for business idea feedback. If you have networked appropriately with the other businesses there, you will be surrounded by people from outside of your company who are still familiar with your work.

These people are the people that you see every day. They can become awesome critics who can give you unbiased critiques of your new ideas.

You Can Get Your Name Out There :

If you’re a new freelancer or a startup business, you know how hard it is to get to know others in your sphere. However, there’s no better way to increase your business than through word of mouth.

One of the biggest benefits of working in a shared office space is how you are able to share your products and services with the people you are with. If you’re good at what you do, those people can become your advocates.

These are the people who see your product every day. They’ll hear about your services during downtime. And if they believe in what you’re doing, they will share it with their friends and family.

You Have More Accountability :

Think about joining a running club or starting at the gym with a friend. When you have peers who are coming with you on your journey, you are much more likely to succeed. This is because other people can help keep you accountable.

Shared office spaces offer you the same accountability. When you mingle with your other co-workers, you will probably meet people who are on a similar path. These people can share your successes and failures with you.

When you join in on mastermind sessions at a shared workspace, you can sync up with your co-workers and allow yourself to be inspired by the people who share your enthusiasm.

Having the support of your peers is something you just can’t put a price tag on.

Working in a Shared Office Space :

Working in a shared office space might seem like a strange idea to you now, but if you give it a shot you will find that there is a whole world of benefits out there you can reap with this wonderful resource.

Now, shared office spaces might not be for everyone. For example, if you have a large staff, you might not want to participate. However, even a medium-sized staff can make it work in a shared office space.

For more information about how to grow your business, visit us today!

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