Simple & Effective Tips To Ensure Your Paper Shredder Runs Smoothly

by Business 18 October 2021

Paper Shredder

Your paper shredder is an essential part of your business. It is a useful tool to have at home. The main purpose of a shredder is to separate a piece of paper into lots of tiny pieces, making it difficult to piece the thing back together and read what it says.

Basic shredders cut straight down in a wide cut and could be pieced together. The best paper shredders will shred in at least two directions and leave small pieces that are virtually impossible to put back together.

Why You Need A Paper Shredder

The modern world is digital and people’s details are stored electronically, making it surprisingly easy to steal information. An identity thief can need just a couple of extra pieces of information which can easily be found on personal or business paperwork.

You can’t just chuck these pieces in the bin, they need to be shredded to ensure the personal details cannot be identified.

Of course, having a paper shredder means you need it to run smoothly. This is easy to do if you follow these tips.

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Never Exceed Capacity

Your paper shredder is designed to shred a specific number of pages at a specific rate. You will also find that it can be run continuously for so many minutes before it gets too hot.

In order to keep it running smoothly, you need to know what these figures are for your machine and stick to them. Trying to force additional sheets through will strain the motor and cause the machine to stick.

Empty Regularly

Shredders usually have a collection bin, allowing you to collect the shredded paper and dispose of it in the correct way. You need to know the size of your bin and how much paper can be shredded into it. In order to ensure the smooth running of your machine, it is best to empty the collection chamber as soon as it reaches three-quarters full.

If you let it get full the shredded paper has nowhere to go and it is more likely to stick, causing you stress.

Oil The Blades

The blades on a paper shredder get surprisingly hot, especially if they are working continuously. In order to protect them from sticking and other issues, you should add a few drops of oil to the blades on a regular basis.

Your manufacturer will supply oil and tell you what specifications it needs to be.

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Avoid Putting Other Items Into The Shredder

Finally, most paper shredders are designed for paper, not staples and other materials. If that is the case for your shredder you should only be putting paper into the machine. Anything else risks blunting the blades or even getting stuck in the mechanism.

That’s time-consuming to sort. Remember, if you have to resolve an issue with a paper shredder, unplug it before you put your hand into it. They may be designed for paper but the larger shredders can still damage the skin.

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