Equipment You Must Have to Make Sure Your Car is Well Maintained

by Automotive Published on: 03 November 2019 Last Updated on: 16 March 2020

A car is much like a loyal servant ready to obey your every wish. Yet, how loyal are you, ultimately, to your car? Let’s face it, when was the last time you looked at what’s underneath the seats? Or properly cleaned the glove compartment?

Equipment You Must Have to Make Sure Your Car is Well Maintained:

Think About a Cordless Vacuum:

Every car has what can be thought of as a “micro-environment.” Essentially, those places that are often out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. Consequently, it’s quite easy to overlook such areas of your car and allow for dust and debris to accumulate. After all, how would you even reach down there?

Well, the solution could lie in a cordless vacuum. These incredible devices have changed how we can approach car maintenance. With their high suction power and amazing running time, cordless vacuums are the answer to maintaining a healthy car environment. So say goodbye to those bits of popcorn or dog hair that get stuck under your car seats.

Put the Pressure On:

Every car has those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that your ordinary car wash can’t quite reach. Pressure washers come in handy in terms of getting to those stubborn little pockets of space. A good number of these washers also come equipped with an onboard detergent tank for a more effective cleaning exercise. Excellent ergonomics make these machines as easy to use as they are useful.

Get Yourself a Mallet:

Dead blow mallets come in handy any time you want to address those stubborn bolts that won’t budge. Just give a few proper smacks and your bolts will come flying off. Some mallets even come with steel shots inside to eliminate any possible rebound meaning energy is conserved with each blow. You want a mallet with a molded poly cover to prevent tarnishing of the metallic surface.

To the Wrenches:

Wrenches almost always come in sets, and it’s for a good reason. The different sizes are ideal for tackling several different sized bolts and nuts. So, if ever your front end brake pads act up and the inner mechanic in you comes forth, wrenches could be all you need to take on the job. This self fix could end up saving you a few hundred bucks down at the mechanic shop.

Socket Sets:

Ranging from small to large, socket sets come with a wide variety of options. Ratchets, screwdrivers, drive tools, hex keys, and sockets are all part of the package. A good socket set is essential for basic car maintenance given all of its components. It’s interchangeable design also means that you can handle different tasks so you can effectively tackle your car’s issues.

Zip Ties:

Frequently, car cables and wires go all over the place and get tangled. Well, having a few zip ties could come in handy for bundling together loose wires or cables and keep them away from the car’s moving parts. Zip ties also help things in order so that every time you’re working on your vehicle, you won’t feel like you’re trying to solve a maze. Zip ties come in a variety of sizes too, so get a bunch of them and be prepared for any potentially tangled scenario.

You Dare Not Forget Screwdrivers:

Screwdrivers also come in sets with a bunch of different sizes and types. They come in handy for a lot of different jobs, including changing the air filter or perhaps the hoses in your car. What’s most valuable when dealing with screwdrivers is knowing the right screwdriver to use. The four basic sizes of screwdrivers range from #0 to #4, with #0 being the smallest and #4 being the largest.

Brighten Things Up With a Work Light:

Maybe you’re driving home, and it’s 9:00 PM on a winter’s night. Then, you drive over some debris, and, before you know it, you have a flat. It’s dark outside, but you know you have to change your flat because you might otherwise end up spending the night in your car. You desperately need a light source and you realize that maybe your smartphone’s flashlight might not be cut out for the job.

A work light was designed for precisely this kind of situation. They give portable lighting solution with powerful LED lights or halogen floodlights to light up even the darkest of places. Some also come with rotatable heads to allow you to direct light to where it is needed. Grab one of these just in case things get dark.

A Pair of Pliers and Wire Cutters:

If you’re a bit of a music enthusiast, you might feel like your car’s stereo system doesn’t satisfy your needs. So, you embark on a mission to install a new sound system along with a few extra speakers. With all the wires involved with such a project, you’ll need something to cut through them. Cue the handy pair of pliers.

Now, there are a whole lot of pliers out there but look out for one with a good build. Something with a heat-treated carbon steel construction is always a plus because it offers long life and durability. Also, look out for something with a spring action that returns the tool to an open position after use (this will help eliminate operating fatigue). Pliers and wire cutters with non-slip grips offer better control and reduce the potential of injury through slippage.

In as much as automobile maintenance may not form the most intriguing conversations for most people, it’s a necessity for all car owners. Having a grasp of even the most essential things about your car could end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars at your local mechanic. Your car takes you to so many places; the least you could do is keep it in good shape. With just a few of these pieces of equipment, it’s that much easier to take care of your favorite ride.

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