Questions To Ask When Choosing A New Cloud Service Provider 

by Cloud Computing 22 October 2021

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Cloud computing services are transforming the fortunes of companies globally and leveling the playing field in terms of access to technology. Where once it was the case, only larger and more profitable companies could afford to invest in cutting-edge servers and tech. These days all firms (big or small) can get the same benefits of working with the modern technology of fast cloud service.

As more and more companies take the plunge and move their networking to third-party providers, the cloud sector has become one of the fastest-growing areas of the entire IT industry and is forecast to grow by 19% per year. Indeed, globally, cloud computing is expected to generate a whopping $1,251.09 billion by the year 2028.

5 Facts To Know Before Selecting A CSP Services

5 Facts To Know Before Selecting A CSP Services

While the time, money, and resources savings of moving to the cloud are beyond question, no two Cloud Service Provider (CSP) companies are the same, and you’ll find there’s a huge diversity in terms of the services, support, and prices CSP firms have on offer. 

Below are some questions you should ask before choosing to work with a provider:

1. What Services Can The Firm Provide And Can They Support Particular Software You Need? 

All CSPs provide basic services like storage, file transfer, and so on. However, if you have a particular SaaS product that you want to run online, you’ll need to be sure the firm’s servers can support it. 

The support system is pretty essential for cloud service providers. Hence this is new technology every time. There is a chance to show an error. And for solving these issues, you require a support system.

2. What Is The Level Of Proficiency Of Staff? 

You need to know your data is in safe hands, so be sure to ask the typical experience and qualifications of those at both the top and bottom of the firm. In general, there are three main players in the cloud sector – Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. 

So, for example, if you choose to work with a CSP that uses Google cloud, you should ensure the staff has the appropriate Google Cloud certification. The cloud service provider’s services proficiency level can be checked from their online reviews.

3. How And Where Does The CSP Store Data? 

How And Where Does The CSP Store Data? 

You should avoid working with any CSP that uses just one data center. Mistakes can and do happen but, worse than that, the dangers posed by cybercrime are ever-present, and should one center become compromised, your CSP needs to have fallback facilities that can kick in to keep things running smoothly. 

Ideally, you should be looking for a firm that has two or three additional facilities. Most of the cloud service providers are offering multiple facilities like free storage. Before selecting the services, you have to check the additional services and the offer period.

4. How Often Does The CSP Take Backups, And Where Are They Stored?

As mentioned above, cybercrime is a real and present danger facing all firms, so should the worst happen and the CSP’s servers do fall victim to an attack, it’s crucially important they have backups to reinstall. 

You should also ensure you only work with a firm that stores backups remotely so that, if one server fails, the backup data isn’t lost too. Your data is the most precious thing. Always take the information about the cloud services storage areas.

5. The Frequency Of Outages And Time Taken To Reinstate Service? 

Problems in service and outages happen to all CSP firms, so don’t be put off by a firm that is open and honest about this type of issue. Instead, you should focus on the average time it takes them to reinstate services. 


Most of the new cloud service providers are offering good customer care centers. For better knowledge, take an online survey before selecting the service providers. If you find any issues regarding the helplines and the other customer’s care facilities, immediately discard the services. But first, it is better to know which cloud service providers are popular in your office area. Then select the company.

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