Hedge Fund Boss Ken Griffin Covers Disney Tokyo Trip Expenses For 1,200 Staff

by Finance 31 October 2023

Hedge Fund Boss Ken Griffin Covers Disney Tokyo Trip Expenses


Ken Griffin, the hedge fund boss, incurred the expenses of 1000 Citadel employees and Citadel securities employees last week and their family members for going to Disney in Tokyo in recent years. They did so in honor of the anniversaries of the company recently.

The arrangement was big, and almost 1200 attendees, including children (300), received tickets to Walt Disney World Tokyo and DisneySea. The attendees were lucky to witness the performances of famous musicians such as the Maroon 5 and Calvin Harris, according to the company’s report to Insider. The news was reported by Bloomberg.

The attendees were coming to the company celebration from the six of the company’s different offices. The celebration was held between October 27-29, and they were coming from Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, and Gurugram.

The founder of Citadel, Griffin, is worth $35.4 billion. Bloomberg Billionaires Index suggests that he has funded all the costs of their employees’ trip to Disneyland. The costs include Disney tickets, travel, entertainment, hotels, food, childcare, etc.

Griffin gave a little speech at the anniversary before bringing in the famous Maroon 5.

“Today, the range of talent we have brought together is simply astonishing. We’ve created not one, but two firms at the forefront of the industry. Together, we have imagined and built the future of finance,” he said.

The world was occupied with the COVID-19 pandemic situation in 2020, which is why the company had to skip an event in 2020. So, the recent extravaganza had to honor the anniversary of 2020. The Citadel Securities employees of the US, Canada, and Europe marked the 20th Century anniversary by going to Disney World and Universal Studios. They also went to a Coldplay concert.

But Thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions in different parts of Asia, different APAC employees were kept from going. In last year’s event, Griffin covered the expenses of roughly 10,000 people, which also included close to 2,500 children.

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