How Elite Currensea Startup Turns Day-Trading from Work into a Source of Passive Income

by Finance Published on: 19 March 2022 Last Updated on: 21 March 2022

Elite Currensea

It is common knowledge that Forex trading can be very time-consuming. With the complex monitoring that is required to fully analyze the potential, traders might lose more than half of their day.

Day trading can be very lucrative and require strong dedication and discipline from the traders’ side, but the introduction of automated trading robots has revolutionized the Forex world with numerous possibilities.

The automatization of trading has allowed traders to rest a bit while the algorithm takes care of the majority of the process. These robots are able to observe numerous markets, manage different sorts of assets, strategize the best overall decision to benefit the client, and most importantly take away the emotional side from trading.

About Elite CurrenSea

Elite CurrenSea (ECS) is an award-winning trading company that in recent years has developed different financial software that eases the traders’ life. One of the most popular ones is Athena EA, which is a fully automated trading robot that utilizes a grid-trading strategy.

Grid-Trading is known for higher returns which comes with the downside of higher drawdowns, but the pure dedication of the ECS team has made it possible that this Expert Advisor has not closed a single month on a loss.

    Key Stats:                                                            Values:

  • Historical Yearly Performance                     200%
  • Historical Drawdown (DD)                           30%
  • Risk Reward Ratio (R: R)                              0.36
  • Profit Share                                               ($0 upfront fees, 20-35% profit share)
  • Software Rental                                        €499 per year

Best Forex Robot to Replace Day Trading

Best Forex Robot to Replace Day Trading

Athena EA has managed to yield a 200% yearly return on average. Most of the robots on the market do not have the ability to maneuver or tweak some preference.

This is where Athena EA takes the lead and makes it available for the trader to have full control over the financial assets and the ability to change the profitability rate to better suit the needs of the individual.

It’s worth noting that higher profitability comes with higher risks and vice versa.  Due to the fact that most Forex robots are a scam, it is always advised to choose the one that has a trusted and verified trading history.

Another benefit of choosing Athena EA is how user-friendly the whole experience is. Elite CurrenSea took the liberty of dealing with intricate parts of setting up the Forex robot and made it easier for the traders to choose their preferences. Each and every robot comes with a special onboarding program and strong customer support with a live PAMM channel.

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