Top 5 Mattress Brands You Must Know

by How to Guides 31 March 2022


In the market for a mattress? Wondering which are the best mattress brands? Well, read on to find the top five mattress brands in 2022.

However, before you scroll down, retain that — our list of the best mattress brands — doesn’t simply pick up the best brands from the world and list them. Instead, we asked the retailers, reviewed tons of mattresses in the store, and came up with the five brands that give the best bang for your buck.

5 Different Mattress Brands And Types Which You Must Know

5 Different Mattress Brands And Types Which You Must Know

Mattresses are costly. But most often, it is the company’s name that hikes up the rates of the mattresses. We listed the five best mattress brands based on quality, not how long they have been in the business or how global their name is.

Moreover, you will also find which mattresses of the brand are suitable for you. For instance, which variants from the brand allow you to sleep better as a heavy person. Or which one suits a couple, sleeping alone, with pets, and even based on sleeping position. 

1. Puffy

This is the name of an online mattress trademark. Puffy is known for its three classy mattresses. The popular name of the Puffy Mattresses is Puffy Lux Mattress and Puffy Royal Mattress. Although three variants, each of them is available in different shapes, sizes, and comfort layers.

The Original Puffy Mattress

The original puffy mattress usually has four layers:

  •       The stain-resistant upper layer
  •       Comfort Layer A — 2-inch of Cooling Cloud™ foam
  •       Comfort Layer B — 2-inch of Climate Comfort™ foam
  •       And the 6-inch supporting layer.

Combine all the layers, and you have a 10-inch mattress that is comfortable, breathable, and suits people — of any weight level — who prefer sleeping on their back.

2. The Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy’s Lux variant comes with three comfort layers and has a 7-inch support layer that is suitable for couples, as it adapts the bodies independently.

The Puffy Royal Mattress

And then there are the Puffy’s Royal variants with four comfort layers and a 7-inch of the support layer, making them the firmest of all. 

It is particularly famous in America, the UK, and Australia. However, being an online service, you can get Puffy anywhere. Moreover, mattress retailers worldwide recognize Puffy, so there’s a good chance that you can get Puffy anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, ordering it online is the way to go because it will cost you less.

2. Saatva

Saatva mattresses are handcrafted with the highest quality materials. Although it is relatively new compared to popular mattress brands (Saatva was launched in 2010), its back-support technology has made it one of the most influential mattress brands in the world.

You can find all variants like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King available in different firmness levels and construction. You can ask them to make custom mattresses and make them suitable for your bedroom

What’s substantial about Saatva is it allows you to try out the mattresses free for up to 180 days and decide whether the purchased mattress is suitable for your sleeping positions or not. Moreover, Saatva delivers the mattresses directly to the home.

The mattresses from Saatva are pretty expensive for an average user. But given that a mattress is a long-term investment, spending a couple of hundred more — for comfort — shouldn’t be a difficult choice. And in case you are uncomfortable paying at once, Saatva offers EMI options.

3. Nectar

Nectar is one of the most cost-effective options among mattresses brands. For instance, you can purchase its premium 14-inch High Profile mattresses for as low as a thousand US dollars (EMI options are available via the website).

Nectar also has other initiatives like 100% Neutral Carbon production, making it popular among users. Nevertheless, when judged solely on the basis of its quality, firmness, and built — Nectar can stand against even the top brands like Simmons, Stearns & Foster, and Sealy.

There are over 2000 stores across the US (all States) of Nectar. So, in case you want to purchase offline and try the mattress in the store first, Nectar is the way to go.

4. WinkBeds

Another premium mattress brand, WinkBeds, comes with an exciting offer for users. The current WinkBeds policy allows you to replace any mattresses bought from them with a new one at 50% off. It is WinkBeds, one of the best marketing policies in the place. They have so much confidence in their product that they know their mattress isn’t going to be defective anytime soon.

So, if you want to purchase the mattress from a confident seller, WinkBeds mattresses could be an ideal choice. Coming to the quality, WinkBeds excels when it comes to back support, temperature, and pressure relief, making them excellent for any person of any size and shape. 

Like Saatva, WinkBeds also has a 120 days trial period. So, you can purchase the mattresses from them and use them for as long as four months to see if they do what they are made for, i.e., provide comfort and relief.

5. Tuft And Needle

Tuft and Needle is another exciting choice for average customers looking to purchase the best built-and-quality mattresses at a reasonable price. From furniture to pillows to mattresses, Tuft and Needless sell the products that make a good night possible and comfortable.

Focusing on the mattresses available from Tuft and Needle, they offer a 100-day trial period and come with a warranty. Moreover, they are also recommended by top mattress critics present online. Like the mattresses brands mentioned here, Tuft and Needle also allow you to purchase the mattresses on an EMI basis. 

Furthermore, they allow you to purchase from online stores or on-ground stores. There are shipping charges, regardless of the medium of purchase (online or offline). Additionally, their customer support is exceptional.


There you go! Those are our top five picks for the best mattress brands that offer the best value for your money. As you have already read, almost all the mattress variants available here offer EMI, replacement, and trial period. So, you can be sure and pay conveniently.

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