8 Reasons Why You (Everyone) Should Have Ratchet Straps in Your Garage

by Automotive 20 December 2021

Ratchet Straps

Our lives are full of items that can be categorized as one of the following: we use it all the time or not at all. Some objects just take up space, but others will be used repeatedly. And then there are the items that you don’t have yet but should!

One of the items that your home or garage shouldn’t be without is tie-down straps. You don’t have to haul cargo every day to make good use of a few quality ratchet straps. If you don’t use these handy straps all that often yet, you just haven’t discovered their many uses.

Many Uses for Such a Simple Strap

Many Uses for Such a Simple Strap

If you’ve never had one, tie-down straps might seem to be one of those one-purpose types of gadgets. Until you start trying them out! There are a number of uses for these versatile little straps. Keep reading to see why you should always have one or two stored safely in your garage.

Makes Moving Goods Easier

The main purpose of tie-down straps is to secure items to trailers, trucks, or utility vehicles during moving. Whether you’re moving all your furniture or just one item from point A to point B, tie-down straps are the perfect way to ensure your items don’t end up on the road behind you!

Securing Your Quad Bikes

For some people,  quad bikes are the perfect weekend sport. Hooking your quad bike onto your utility vehicle or trailer and heading out to the local campground is a great way to escape the craziness of a corporate job. Durable ratchet straps are the best way to secure your quad bike to the back of your trailer. Transporting your quad has never been easier!

Towing Vehicles

While every car should have at least one strong, high-quality tow rope as part of their emergency gear, it’s often overlooked. If you need to tow a vehicle, or need to be towed, a tie-down strap can be used in place of a standard towing strap.

Just be sure to check the load capacity of the strap you have. Always keep a strong, top-quality tie-down strap in the car in case of emergency. You never know when someone may need to be towed!

DIY Jobs Around the Home

Anyone who does any sort of woodworking project will tell you it’s necessary to have good clamps to secure your wood pieces while you’re working on them. For smaller projects, simple clamps are sufficient. It becomes a little more complex when you’re using bigger pieces of wood. With a few ratchet straps, you can simply secure the pieces to each other to serve the purpose of a giant clamp!

This concept is useful in a number of other DIY jobs around the home or workshop.

Christmas Tree Transporting

If you’d like to upgrade your Christmas tree to a bigger version of what you currently have, you might be wondering how you’ll get it home. With very few anchor points and an awkward shape, it might be difficult to transport. A simple answer is to use tie-down straps to secure the tree to your vehicle’s roof.

Add Space in the Garage

Add Space in the Garage

When you’ve used up all the available space in your garage, it might be time to use the ample space between the car and the roof. An easy way to safely store items above your vehicle is to use tie-down straps.

It’s an easy way to store boxes or other items requiring storage. Once again, be sure to check the load capacity of your straps. It’s important for your straps to be strong enough to hold the weight you need to store.

Fun in the Backyard

The summer holidays can often leave your kids bored. A great way to keep the kids outdoors and entertained is to use your tie-down straps to make rope swings. So, if you have a bunch of tie-down straps and space, you can create a fun outdoor activity!

Another fun option for the backyard is to use your ratchet straps to create a hammock. Just be sure to secure both sides to something sturdy. And remember the sunscreen!

Entertainment at the Next BBQ

If you have a reasonably sized backyard with a few strong trees, you might consider slacklining. Simply tie a tie-down strap to two trees not too far apart from each other.

The idea is that the strap is tightened to form a tightrope. The goal then becomes to cross from one end of the “tightrope” to the other without falling off.

Ensure that the strap isn’t too high off the ground in case anyone slips. You can also add a few sponge mattresses under the slackline if you’re going to let smaller kids take part in this fun activity!

Final Thought

Tie-down straps are versatile items that can be used for a variety of useful and imaginative things. Whether you’re using your straps for moving furniture or to create a relaxing hammock in the backyard, the point should be obvious – Everyone should have a few stored in the garage!

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