Top 6 Marketing Certifications You Must Have In 2023

by Job & Career 19 September 2023

Marketing Certifications

Marketing is not the same as it used to be ten years ago. The new marketing field is predominantly digital and requires fresh talents to join a massive workforce worldwide. 

But which marketing certification to get? Which one will give you the dream job you want to succeed in the digital marketing spectrum? What specialization should you choose? No need to worry. No need to rush either. 

In this article, I have listed the top marketing certification skills you should have in 2023. Most of these certification courses are highly coveted and teach you the techniques and tools you need to adapt to this changing world of digital marketing. So, without delay, let me tell you about a few important job-ready marketing certifications you must have. 

1. Google Ads Certificate

Google Ads Certificate

Google ads totally disrupted the Digital marketing sector by launching Google ads. It allows ads. Most of the advertisers who want to do Search Engine Marketing need to understand and run Google Ads. 

The Google Ads certification is a must-have marketing certification for a thriving marketing career in today’s day and age. What’s more interesting about it is that – Google Ads certification is free. It provides one with a clear understanding of AdWords and how to use it for marketing purposes. 

Why Take This Course?

Here is why you should go for a Google Ads marketing certificate –

  • The certificate is backed up by Google, and it is quite valuable. 
  • Google ads are commonly used for almost all digital marketing campaigns nowadays. So, you are adding a valuable skill to your arsenal. 
  • There are plenty of learning resources available on the internet. So, learning will be easier. 

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

When you are done learning marketing, you need to go forward with analyzing your marketing initiatives. Yes, you need to have different analytical techniques and skills to assess the performance of your Google ads and other online campaigns. Google Analytics certification will allow you to have a marketing certification in analytical skills. 

As a marketing student, you will have skills and knowledge pertaining to Google Analytics and how to use it for marketing. 

Why Take This Course?

Here are some reasons why you need to choose this marketing certification course –

  • Google Analytics is a learning analytical tool for marketers. 
  • You get both certification and course materials for free. 
  • Certified marketers with Google Analytics certificates are in high demand. It is a job-ready certificate to have for marketers.

3. IIDE Digital Marketing Course

IIDE Digital Marketing Course

It does not matter whether you are a student or a working professional. You will learn plenty of worth-having skills through the IIDE Digital Marketing Course. It is one of the certification courses worth having. 

The platform has some of the great working professionals, CEOs, and industry experts teaching different areas of digital marketing, SEO, and other skills. If you are looking for a marketing certification from a reputed organization, then IIDE is a worthwhile platform.

Why Take This Course?

  • The internet has lots of courses for free and free marketing tutorials. But IIDE structures it for you with a valuable certification prioritized by different industry professionals. 
  • You will master more than 20 digital marketing tools to help you out while working on your marketing campaigns. 
  • You get a certificate even with a beginner-level course. It means you have a chance at a new career even without any prior skills. 
  • They provide you with on-one mentoring sessions with skilled trainers. 
  • The course will cost you around $1,360 but is worth having. 

4. Hubspot Content Marketing Course

Hubspot Content Marketing Course

One of the most famous and most taken marketing certification courses is the course provided by HubSpot. Hubspot provides content marketing courses for free. The course is 7:50 hours long, and it provides an in-depth and clear knowledge of content marketing

  • When you take a course from a leading industry expert, you are almost securing your job at some of the leading firms across the world.
  • Not only is the course structured well, but it also gives you examples from the real world. So, you will not only learn things, you will also apply them. 
  • You need no prior knowledge about content marketing to learn this course. 

5. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course

If you want to learn about inbound marketing, then Hubspot’s inbound marketing course is a great one to have. This course will help you learn how to conduct an inbound marketing strategy and how to make it successful. 

You will learn different things like lead generation, acquiring clients, and attracting more customers to the business through digital media. 

This course is also available for free. 

Why Take This Course?

  • This course will help you learn new ways of generating more traffic to your website.
  • You do not have to wander around tons of course materials. You will be able to do it anytime from anywhere. A weekend might be enough to finish this course. 

6. Content Marketing Institute Certificate

Content Marketing Institute Certificate

Content marketing is not easy. But it does not mean no one can master it. If you get help from one of the best institutions that provide you with the guide you need, you will have a valuable marketing certification at hand.

Talking about valuable content marketing certifications, you can go for a Content Marketing Institute Certification. This course will cost you a hefty amount. But it is worth the money. 

Why Take This Course?

  • An industry-leading institute provides the course. 
  • The course starts from a basic level and takes you to an advanced level. 

Bottom Line

There are too many courses available online and offline. It is common to be disillusioned and confused with all of these advertisements bombarding you. But, there are some valuable courses that you can add to your resume and become a worthy candidate for some of the high-paying job postings. The different courses mentioned in this article should be ready with both the marketing certifications and skills needed for a good marketing job. 

Hopefully, this article has solved your queries. Which course do you think is best for your marketing career? Please let us know through the comment section.

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