7 Tips Of Managing Your Printer Fleet

by Management 27 April 2020

Printer Fleet

If you want to have peace of mind in the office, you can have a controlled, proactive, and automatic management of the printer fleet. In a world where everything has to go fast, it is easier to manage and control a fleet of printing systems with a managed printing strategy solution. The only downside is that it is difficult to know where to start, especially when we look for a methodology to implement this solution easily and effectively. Discover some tips to make this implementation a success!

What is printer fleet management, and why is it important?

printer fleet management

Printer fleet management is much better than keeping several machines. Here are some advantages that it offers:

  • Minimize your spending on supplies and service
  • Reduce printing waste
  • Secure your printers and sensitive documents
  • Make printing faster and easier for users
  • Drive better equipment lease and purchase decisions

Let’s see some tips to manage your printer fleets:

1. Analyze the current status of your printer fleet

If you want to implement a print management solution, the first thing is to analyze the situation of the printer fleet. It is essential to know the situation of your company to ensure the effectiveness of the process. Therefore, the most important questions that you should consider are:

  • How many printers or photocopiers do you have in the fleet of printers? What models? Are they different?
  • What kind of use do you take from printers? What is the current print volume? Do you need to print in color?
  • How much will it cost? It includes rent, maintenance, consumables, etc.

2. Determine your needs and identify the points that you should improve in fleet management

Assessing the situation will allow you to identify your needs and detect the points that need improvements. In this way, you can choose a customized solution adapted to your print volume, the material you have, and your primary needs. Customizing the solution is essential to find the balance between the needs of the company and the solutions implemented within the framework of the managed print service deployment.

3. Define objectives using KPI to assess the effectiveness of the MPS solution

It is advisable to define specific objectives using KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. If your goal is to reduce printing costs, for example, you will have to compare current costs, including hidden costs, with the cost of an MPS solution. Other indicators are related to the organization of the company. That includes the number of people managing the fleet, time dedicated to the management of consumables, the level of use of the managed solution, or how it is perceived in connection index, satisfaction survey, level of knowledge of the solution, etc.

4. Route change and involved employees in the MPS strategy

The implementation of a printer fleet management strategy can include numerous changes in your company. It can influence the tools used and even the way of working. As with any changes, it can destabilize and cause confusion among employees. Share your strategy with employees and involve them in the improvement process to prevent them from impeding the implementation of this solution. This way everyone will adapt and establish the solution. It is also advisable to provide complete documentation with the applied processes and offer training to change the channel properly.

5. Are my multifunctional printers secure?

As multifunctional printers have diverse functionality, they are exposed to the same threats as computers. Security vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers to enter your information system via the printers in your fleet. It is essential to update printer drivers and programs regularly. Some systems are now equipped with hard disks or secure communications protocols to ensure complete data security.

6. Is my fleet adapted to the needs of employees?

The number of questioning involves defining a real printing policy, but also the location of multifunction printers on company premises. You should carry out a detailed usage audit by using the reports generated by the copiers to optimize the allocation of equipment. It is possible to have personalized support audits and advice on your printing system and training of employees for controlled and responsible use.

7. Implementation of the printer management solution

You already know the situation of your printer fleet, and you have identified your needs and your objectives. Now is the time to implement and launch the deployment of the new MPS solution. To do this, we recommend taking advice from a service provider that understands the way you work. To choose a service provider that uses reliable methods and a proven initiative is to bet on the success of the managed print solution.

Some important questions that you must consider in printer fleet management:

Are my multifunctional printers and their users eco-responsible?

It is essential to choose the right equipment and the right service provider to control the costs and environmental impact of printing. At the time of the choice, you must favor eco-designed copiers and low energy models with a simple and intuitive interface. Then, you will offer employees hands-on training with basic features. It will also be necessary to analyze the print logs generated by the printing systems methodically. It is to detect the tasks which have caused the most frequent failures.

Should I take out a maintenance contract?

The management and maintenance of the printing fleet are essential. Employees often experience the failures and breakdowns of printing systems. This type of event leads to a loss of efficiency and productivity in the company. You delegate all of the issues related to fleet maintenance and can focus on your core business by subscribing to a maintenance contract.

What to do with used cartridges and printers?

Used cartridges and out-of-age multifunctional printers can be taken back by the manufacturer to recondition or upgrade its circuit. It is also possible to call the external partner who will offer recycling solutions adapted to your annual consumption. The environmental impact of managing your fleet of multifunction printers is minimized as much as possible. We suggest changing your printer with the new one to prevent problems with the old printer.


Some specific software like Jet Advice provide printer fleet management automatically and help you to maintain your printer easily. We have mentioned above the main tips and some questions that you must consider when it comes to printer fleet management.

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