Tips on how to Keep your Car Roadworthy

by Automotive Published on: 03 June 2019 Last Updated on: 21 August 2021

Car Roadworthy

Nothing is as stressful as having to repair your car back to back. It’s even worse when a breakdown happens at the least expected time – like between paychecks, when you do not have money to fix the issue – or when you need to use the car for transport.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you do not take good care of your vehicle. You are bound to experience a series of endless repairs. Failing to have thorough inspections also puts you at risk of accidents.

Luckily, there is a way to ensure you don’t expose yourself to this kind of danger or expenses – by servicing your car as instructed by the manufacturer. You should also address any issue as soon as it appears to prevent the problem from escalating. Above all, you should choose your mechanic well, because not all of them are as knowledgeable and experienced as you’d expect.

With that in mind, here are five tips on how to keep your car roadworthy:

Check for paint cracks

It may seem like nothing, but rust or crack on your car’s body is unsightly just as it is problematic. You shouldn’t overlook a crack on paint because it has the potential of spreading to other areas. In addition to stopping the problem from worsening, fixing the section also helps restore your car’s aesthetics. One of the great ways of fixing a paint crack is through repainting. A professional should be able to do an auto keretööd on your vehicle and still have it look as good as new.

Ensure your lights are properly functioning

Lights play a critical role in your driving – they not only signal the other drivers but also allow you to illuminate your way. If your lights aren’t functioning as expected, it might be hazardous. Check all your lights for cracks or faded lenses and replace the ones that look worn out. Do not ignore the number plate lights and indicators as well as fog lights (if your car has them).

Keep your Tires in good condition

Worn-out tires are one of the primary reasons why drivers fail to obtain their roadworthy certificates. Ensuring your tires are in good shape is a great way to enhance your safety on the road and also minimize your overall running costs. Your tires need to have a tread depth of at least 1.5mm and be free from cracks. You should also ensure that they have valve caps fitted to prevent slow air leaks over time.

Ensure the fluids are at the right level

Many drivers often forget about checking the fluids level – don’t follow suit. Open the bonnet and confirm that the windscreen wash fluid, coolant, and brake compartments are at the right level. Also, ensure that the brake and engine components are free of any fluid leaks. If you aren’t well-versed with this, you can have your mechanic do it for you.

Keep the wiper blades in the right shape

The importance of a clear vision of the road can never be overstated. That’s why you need to check your wiper blades frequently. If they are worn out, getting new wiper blades will help keep your windscreen clean irrespective of the weather.

The Bottom Line

Car owners should also ensure that their vehicles do not have any pending paperwork. This means no unpaid parking or speeding tickets or lapsed insurance papers. All this can invite penalties and fines from the appropriate authority. Andrew Nickel speeding ticket attorney states that unpaid tickets can make you come across as an irresponsible driver on the roads. This can cause problems when it comes to your insurance and license renewals.

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