Key things to remember Legally between Car and Truck Accidents

by Automotive 26 January 2018

Key things to remember Legally between Car and Truck Accidents

Car and truck accidents are not the same. Although they are still both accidents, the consequences that usually follow them are entirely different. Truck accidents often lead to bigger consequences because of their likelihood to cause severe damage to human lives and property.

Here are some legal things to remember between car and truck accident.

1. Truck accidents face bigger insurance policies as compared to car accidents:

It’s only natural for truck accidents to have bigger insurance policies than car accidents because of the sheer size of the truck and the severe damage to human lives and property that they can usually inflict.

  • Truck accidents carry at least 50 times more insurance policy than car accidents.
  • Insurance policies can be worth millions of dollars, which is why insurance companies of these trucks may try to do their best to find a way out of liability.

Car accidents, on the other hand, have insurance policies that usually cost no more than $15,000 for fatal crashes. For non-fatal accidents, insurance policies typically cost no more than $5,000.

2. Truck accidents and car accidents each have different regulations to follow:

Trucks have to follow more regulations than cars. So if these trucks are involved in an accident, it is usually complicated to find fault or liability for the accident.

  • Since most truck drivers are more careful and more responsible while on the road than car drivers, it’s hard to accuse them of negligence in the event of a truck accident.
  • Most truck accidents are usually caused by the negligence of other drivers or an unexpected road hazard such as an unforeseen slippery road.

Car accidents have fewer regulations to follow. And it is much easier for you to find fault and receive compensation when you are involved in a car accident.

3. Truck accidents usually lead to more damage to human lives or property than car accidents:

Because of the sheer size and nature of a truck, it’s only natural that the damage they can inflict when involved in an accident is far more severe than car accidents.

  • Truck accidents can cause several deaths to people involved in the crash and tend to leave others seriously injured.
  • Truck accidents can also cause millions of dollars of damage to property.
  • Truck accidents could cause massive traffic especially if the accident occurred on an interstate highway.

Of course, you are entitled to claim compensation for the financial, physical, and emotional losses that you suffered from the accident, especially if the truck driver is at fault.

Car accidents are typically much less fatal than truck accidents. They commonly don’t cause death and the damage to property they can inflict are lesser than those of the truck accidents.

4. Truck accidents require you to be more time-sensitive especially with lawsuits:

Lawsuits concerning truck accidents, including Tampa truck accidents, are usually time-sensitive. They require you to present evidence as fast as possible to find fault for the accident and to determine who’s going to pay for all the damages.

5. Differences in evidence to be collected:

Car accidents and truck accidents have different types of pieces of evidence to collect. In car accidents, your attorney will only need witness statements, police reports, medical records, photographs of the scene of the accident, and more.

But with truck accidents, your attorney will require a different set of evidence which includes:

Key things to remember Legally between Car and Truck Accidents

  • The truck driver’s qualifications file;
  • The truck driver’s training file,
  • Records of service documentation;
  • The truck driver’s inspection records;
  • Post-collision alcohol and drug test results;
  • The truck’s maintenance records;
  • The truck’s inspection records;
  • The truck’s delivery documents;
  • Trip envelopes;
  • Dispatch instructions;
  • The type of cargo.

6. Truck accidents often require an expert witness:

Since it’s hard to find fault in truck accidents, your claim might be overlooked unless you bring an expert witness to explain what went wrong and to find out who is responsible for your injuries and loss.

 7. Truck accidents require the help of a more experienced attorney:

You just can’t hire any car accident attorney for truck accidents; you need to hire the services of a personal injury attorney to help you solve your case. A personal injury attorney specializing in truck accidents is essential for ensuring that an injured victim will receive the right amount of compensation he/she deserves. An experienced truck accident attorney knows that the legal process concerning truck accidents are very complicated especially with the truck’s insurance policies.

It’s important to remember that car and truck accidents are not all the same. They have different rules and regulations, different insurance coverage, different liability, different pieces of evidence to prove and different damages. If you are involved in either one of these accidents, contact the right legal representative immediately.

Disclaimer: This article contains general information about the differences between car and truck accidents. Don’t take the information in this article as a form of legal advice. If you want actual legal advice concerning car and truck accidents, you may talk to a qualified attorney.

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