A Guide To Choosing The Ideal Car Insurance

by Insurance 29 January 2021

Car Insurance

If you have just passed your driving test and are excited to finally get behind the wheel and experience driving, you will need to take out suitable vehicle insurance. As you would expect, there are many car insurance providers, and choosing the best policy is something that takes some knowledge. With that in mind, here is our guide to choosing the best vehicle insurance.

Types of Car Insurance

There are three main types of car insurance, which are:

1. Class 1 insurance

in Thailand covers almost every eventuality; known also as fully comprehensive and this is recommended for all but old vehicles. Class 1 policies cover all damage to your vehicle, regardless of the cause, plus the other party’s vehicles are also covered, in the event you are at fault. If another driver is deemed to be at fault, their insurer would pay the repairs and if your car should be keyed in a car park, or be stolen, then you are covered with class 1 insurance.

2. Class 2 insurance

differs slightly from class 1 and damage to your vehicle might not be covered with a class 2 policy, although that depends on the circumstances. If you would like to compare car insurance quotes in Thailand, for example, the online insurer offers the best deals and once a few details are given, you receive instant cover.

3. 3rd party fire & theft

is suitable for a very old car with minimal value, which only covers accidental damage to a 3rd party vehicle in the event the accident is your fault. As the name suggests, you are compensated in the event your car catches fire or is stolen and the amount paid would be the trade value of the car, or the insurer’s maximum, whichever is relevant. Speaking of accidents, it would be smart for you to buy personal accident insurance, especially if you live in or frequently pass by areas that are prone to mishaps. All you need to do is to Google the phrase “ซื้อประกันอุบัติเหตุ” and choose from the various offers from reputable insurance companies.

Terms & Conditions

As with most contracts and agreements, there is a couple of pages of terms and conditions with a car insurance policy and you are strongly advised to read the document carefully, making sure you understand what the terms and conditions are. This must be done prior to making an agreement and if you are unhappy about anything or do not fully understand the terminology, ask the online agent, who would be happy to help.

Learn as much as you can before you decide on signing up. For further reading on what is included in comprehensive insurance, there are related articles you can find online. The internet has a wealth of information reading this matter.

Customer Reviews

Service is one aspect of vehicle insurance and by reading customer reviews and comments, you will have a good indication of their service. When making a claim, the process should be smooth and you should receive prompt attention, especially when out on the road and you need their services. The last thing you need is to be stuck on a busy road, your vehicle blocking traffic (you cannot move the vehicle unless the damage is minimal), which doesn’t please other motorists.

In Thailand, there is a state personal insurance that is included in your road tax (por or bor), which covers medical costs, and this insurance is compulsory, but you should have additional private car insurance, preferably class 1.

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