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by Technology 02 January 2024


There are many math learning programs online. Kumon is one of the best for students of all classes and ages.

It provides self-paced learning modules and materials students can use from the comfort of their homes. More so, they can strengthen their fundamental knowledge of math.

But is Kumon a tutoring program? Is it for students beyond school education? Well, you will find different levels of math education, starting with average calculation and going to calculus. So, the range of learning with Kumon is wide. Keep reading to learn all about Kumon through this article.

How Did Kumon Start?

If you are looking for Kumon, you may already know what it is and what the program is all about. How does Kumon work anyway?

Well, first of all, Kumon is not a tutoring center. It is not a specific place or a coaching platform where someone will learn math. Instead, Kumon is a method that simplifies young students’ understanding of the basics of mathematics.

The method originated with the parent. This is what helped with the origination of the company. The idea came to Toru Kumon, who was trying to solve math problems for his students and his sons. He saw that his child was struggling with calculation. Usually, he could have addressed the issue and helped his child solve the problem and move on.

But he did not do so. Instead, he wanted to do more. He also observed that his students (his child included) were going through the same problem. So, he planned to create a full-blown support system to help his child build a strong mathematical foundation. This would help them build their academic fundamentals in math as well. Read further to learn about the basics of Kumon and how it works.

What Is Kumon?

First, let me tell you that Kumon is not tutoring. Instead, it is an after-school curriculum on math and a reading program. The students at Kumon progress methodically through a well-crafted plan. They have reading curriculums and worksheet-based mathematical problems and solutions.

Students can participate in Kumon regardless of their class or their age. Students can take the skills far beyond what their school study programs have laid out for them. Of course, there are teachers and guides to help students plan their lessons and evaluate them. But, students can take learning in a self-paced manner. Also, they develop a skill to learn on their own primarily.

How Does Kumon Work?

There is no need to worry. Kumon works pretty simply. The first step into adopting Kumon in your child’s daily learning sessions would start with a placement test. The child has to go through a placement test. Also, initially, your child will have it easy (that is the point, at least at the beginning).

The beginning phase is pretty comfortable for the students. So, they find it pretty easy to learn what Kumon is and adapt themselves accordingly. The comfort at the initial stage remains so that children can focus on building their speed and focus. Kumon’s initial stage also ensures that no gap remains in how your child is learning.

For example, if your child is trying to learn to do long divisions, they must have a strong fundamental knowledge of multiplication and subtraction. So, everything is planned out methodically so that your child can learn step-by-step.

The Kumon Method: Explained

Before you understand what Kumon is and what the method is, it is important to know their purpose and what they are trying to achieve. Kumon is trying to build a holistic approach to learning mathematics.

They want to help students build a strong idea on the fundamentals of math. They want to make the lifelong learning of math easier for students. Also, there are Kumon instructors to help the students reassess their progress and adjust their learning methods as per their needs.

Kumon is on a mission to help students who have academic deficiencies. They want to help students who need help catching up with the missed portions of math in their early days. Kumon has solutions for students who need remedial materials for relearning things they need to learn for further improvement. It also has math problems for gifted students who want to take their skills forward.

Kumon Materials

Kumon is a home-based learning program. So, if your child is missing school or needs extra classes to cover key aspects of math, they can enroll and learn here. It is not just a direct teaching method where students learn what someone has to teach them.

Also, the difficulty of the worksheet does not stay the same. It keeps on increasing as your child takes their skill to a new level. This helps them shift from the older concepts they learned to the newer ones they need to adopt.

Kumon Instructors

Yes, Kumon is not a tutoring platform. But they do have some instructors (not teachers). The instructors motivate the students to have an ownership and a positive approach toward education.

They observe the progress of different students and help them take their capabilities further through valuable instructions. The instructors help students by providing them with helpful guidance and feedback. This instructional path guides students to think logically and reasonably.

Who Can Use Kumon?

Parents can enroll children in Kumon’s Reading Program. They also have a math program. Students can enroll in either program or both as per their needs. Any student can enroll in their program and learn from their home.

There are countless reading programs on Kumon that also help the students build necessary soft skills. Some important reading programs include –

The platform has seen a huge number of parents who want to solve one of the problems. However, after seeing a wide range of learning materials and programs, they decided to stick to Kumon.

Bottom Line

Students who think they are falling behind can use Kumon. It has so many remedial materials for you to brush up your math knowledge. Also, students who want to improve their skills can go through the worksheets and reading materials Kumon has to offer.

Moreover, it is a pretty good learning platform for students who want to brush up on their math skills.

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