Being Charged With A Crime: Know Your Rights

by Legal 27 April 2022


Have you been accused of a severe crime? Do you feel that it’s all over for you? Do you feel the fright from within?

Do not worry or get gripped by terror, that you will be arrested and put behind bars. The legal system that US government machinery has provided you is impeccable.

It is so open and democratic that even if you have perpetrated some crime, the legal structure prevalent in the USA will provide you with the opportunity to fight your case in court.

Well… if you like to take a deeper understanding of your defense mechanism do consult a criminal lawyer in Alexandria VA.

The present article will deal with rights that an individual gets when accused over some charge.

Which Rights Do You Have?

Which Rights Do You Have?

There are certain rights and liberty an individual experiences in the USA while being accused of some crime.

As a citizen, you should be aware of the rights that have been granted to you by the Constitution of the United States. You could also consult a Criminal Lawyer in Alexandria VA to get information on the rights.

1: Right To Know The Charges

If you are arrested on certain charges, you have the absolute right to question the authorities regarding the exact charges anchoring on which the arrest was done.

You can not be arrested without letting you know about the charges that were put against you. This is your right.

2: Right To Trial

Right To Trial

Suppose you have been accused of a crime. You have complete right and freedom to racquet for a trial by the Jury. Without Trial, defending yourself against the charges is impossible.

These exclusive rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution protects you from any kind of injustice and discrimination that could harm you as an individual.

3: Right To Timely Trial

The fundamental behind the right to a Timely trial ensures that the movement of the case is expedited and judgment is hastened.

Timely trials encourage you from procuring the evidence and fighting your defense. The Criminal Lawyer Alexandria VA will also guide you accordingly.

Sometimes it could happen that the innocent, due to lack of Time and resources becomes incapacitated to present their case. This might enervate his case and that is acceptable.

4: Right To Use Subpoena Power Of The Court

Right To Use Subpoena Power Of The Court

If you have been arrested on some charges, then you will definitely get to play on your defense.

This denotes, that you will get sufficient time and resources to collect evidence in defense of your case.

Whether it is some photographs, documents, or some other tangible item that will necessarily act to prove your innocence, you will be allowed all time.

5: Right To Conduct An Investigation

When you have been accused of being involved in a criminal offense and arrested, the investigation of your involvement or innocence, can not follow one-way traffic.

In order to protect your case, you could present in court a court lawyer, who will fight for your defense to prove that you are not guilty. So no worry…you will get an opportunity to defend yourself.

6: Right Not To Testify 

Sometimes remaining silent serves as a great play during the trial. In that case, the court is bound to provide the right to remain silent in all the steps of a criminal process.

Given the right, you do not really require to testify. You can simply remain silent.

The interesting part is that you are sitting at the council’s Table during the trial and elect not to answer, in that case, the court has to instruct the jury that rights can not be used against you.

7: Right To Prove The Case Beyond Reasonable Doubt

7: Right To Prove The Case Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Suppose you are under some trial, that time the 12-member jury will have to give a unanimous decision that you are being guilty.

Only then you will be found guilty otherwise not. You can be set free if all the 12 unanimously agree to vote not guilty. How would you achieve this? Is there any possibility?

Yes… what you need to do is show the DA’s office did not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Closing Comments 

The Judiciary system of the USA is extremely fair as it provides an equal chance to the parties to fight its case.

That you are charged with guilt does not establish your guilt completely. There remain many shades to it.


This is why the Constitution has guaranteed certain rights to the defendant to fight against its case and prove not guilty.

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