Find Out Why Buying And Renewing Third-Party Bike Insurance Is No Longer A Hassle

by Insurance 27 March 2020

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With the advent of technology and increasing accessibility of the internet. The online platform has been helpful to enhance the customer base for various insurance companies. The online portal of the insurance companies has been offering an easy and approachable platform for the customers. Just before zeroing in on an insurance policy.

Availing of a two-wheeler insurance policy is essential for two-wheeler riders. Apart from strict government regulation. The insurance policy availed by the vehicle owners has been reported to offer nonchalant add-ons to its insurees.

The third-party bike insurance policy availed by the insurees provides financial assistance to the insuree and covers the medical expenses of the other person injured severely in an accident. The companies have been working extensively to implement better facilities for insurers. It even includes round-the-clock service provision to its customers.  Check out the details to buy third-party bike insurance online and renew the two-wheeler insurance policy without any hassle.

Why buying or renewing third-party bike insurance has become easier?

The increasing accessibility of the internet has made availing of insurance easier for the general public. The following list of factors is considered to be the reason behind the increasing rate of accessibility of third-party insurance policies.

Online accessibility

The insurance calculator, available online is handy to compute the premium amount for the insurance while comparing all the policies being offered by multiple insurance companies. The insuree may assess the facilities being provided by the insurance company and then choose the one which syncs well with their requirement.

Easy online renewal procedure

On renewal of the two-wheeler insurance policy, the insuree may opt the insurance from other companies if they’re not satisfied with the current company’s services. Their previous no-claim bonus can be attached to the new policy as well. The renewal of the policy should be done in advance so that the insurer wouldn’t have to ride uninsured. Early renewal of the policy will not just provide coverage for unforeseen events but. It also saves additional expenses that may arise in case of an inactive insurance policy.

Opting for a multi-year third-party bike insurance

Avail of a multi-year third-party bike insurance policy, which will automatically get renewed on time and will also keep you protected all the time. Often, people become oblivious to the date of renewal of the policy and once the date lapse and exceeds more than 90 days then it will become more problematic to get it renewed. By opting for the multi-year third-party insurance policy, people will be able to lead a stress-free life.

Customer assistance service

Most insurance companies provide 24*7 hours of assistance to their customers. Since an emergency may crop up at any time in life, hence, the customer base service has been strengthened by the insurance companies to make it more feasible and accessible for the insurees.

Points to check on renewal of the policy

Often the third-party bike insurance policy comes to the rescue in case of unexpected damage and theft. The insurance companies also cover the repair expenses of the vehicle as they have a tie-up with garages. Besides these benefits, the insuree can look up other facilities being provided by the insurance company which is discussed below:

Choosing an insurance provider

Renewal of the third-party bike insurance policy does not involve any sort of hassle, as the online platform makes it accessible for the insuree to find the premium amount by adding a few details. Upon entering the details, the third-party bike insurance calculator displays a comparative insurance policy being offered by different companies. The comparative analysis of the features offered and the premium amount to be paid makes it easier for the insurers to zero-in on a particular insurance policy.

Vehicle inspection

Before purchasing an insurance policy, it is suggested to get it inspected by a surveyor who would ascertain the damages and faults present in the vehicle. In fact, if any sort of damage is present in the vehicle, then, the insurance company may decline the insurance request of the vehicle owner. In case of lesser damage, the insurance coverage request could be approved by the insurance company. The surveyor will charge a nominal fee for the inspection of the vehicle.

Buy the insurance policy

After working out with the comparative study and the inspection, the insuree may purchase the insurance policy. In the case of some insurance companies. The insuree will have to make the purchase of the insurance policy within 24 hours of the inspection procedure.

No Claim Bonus(NCB)

The no-claim bonus facility is attached to the insuree and not just to the vehicle. So, in case of a new purchase of a two-wheeler or a renewal of the lapsed insurance policy, the NCB gets transferred. However, if the policy date has lapsed for a period of more than 90 days. The NCB will not be credited to the insurer.

Renewal of the insurance policy

Most insurance companies have 24* 7 service windows open for their customers. In case of any assistance, the customer executive will come to your rescue.

To avoid the policy lapse, you may set a reminder to get it renewed on time. However, if you forget about the date of renewal of the policy. You may call up your insurance provider to seek further assistance regarding the renewal of the policy.

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