Why Investing In Floors Is The Best Way To Use Your Year-end Maintenance Budget

by Investing 06 September 2021

Investing In Floors

The rule is simple: use it or lose it. This principle applies to various aspects of life, including your maintenance budget. If you fail to efficiently use your budget, the funds will not carry over to the following year, potentially resulting in a reduced allocation.

Investing in your floors is one of the best decisions you can make, as it offers long-term benefits and enhances the value and appeal of your space. Of course, deciding what to do with your budget can be challenging. But, one of the best investments you can make is in your floors


The first reason you should be using your budget on the right floors is to increase the longevity of your floors and save yourself money in the future.

Many commercial premises have concrete floors as these are a practical solution. However, although tough, concrete isn’t unbreakable. The older your concrete floor gets the more likely it is to start sagging. In addition, cracks may appear and stains.

The best way to prevent the floor from deteriorating is to use epoxy floor coatings. This protects the concrete, is hard to dent or crack, and is even waterproof.  In fact, epoxy will fill cracks and give the concrete additional strength.



Minor damage to a floor may not seem worthy of repairing, although it will contribute to the floor decaying faster. But, the bigger issue is that a cracked or otherwise damaged floor is a trip hazard.

That means it’s an insurance claim or financial disaster in the waiting. Suddenly, you’ll wish you had invested in some floor maintenance.

Don’t forget that uneven and damaged floors can make it difficult o move equipment and products around, increasing the likelihood of damage being caused to both.

Reduced Morale

Reduced Morale

You may not realize it but a damaged floor suggests that your company isn’t interested or can’t afford to repair it. This immediately makes employees wary as, if a company can’t do that, how safe is each job?

The result is a decrease in morale which leads to a reduction in productivity and potentially a self-fulfilling prophecy!

In addition, a badly maintained floor does not create a good impression for consumers or suppliers that you deal with. They will draw similar conclusions to your employees and potentially take their business elsewhere.


Maintaining the floor gives you the opportunity to evaluate the current layout and work out if there is a better option. Simply moving a few items can make a huge difference to the efficiency and even safety of your premises.

Maintaining the floor, especially by adding an epoxy coating, gives you the opportunity to improve safety and guidance markings, ensuring the flow of people is better.

You’ll be surprised at how much difference this can make to the bottom line.

Final Thoughts

Your floor may be taken for granted as it is simply there. But, spend a little money maintaining it and you’ll realize that it is one of the most important and noticeable aspects of your building. Using your budget on floor maintenance could be the best decision you ever make!

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