The 4 Industries That Will Help to Future-proof Against Pandemics

by Health Care Services 27 September 2021


Dealing with COVID-19 has been one of the biggest global challenges of the last decade, not just for public health but also in terms of economic impact. Many industries and sectors faced plummeting profits, but others have proven more resilient, with some even benefiting financially from the pandemic.

Those industries whose sales have had an uplift during the COVID-19 crisis can give us an insight into how we might prepare for any future pandemics, by ensuring we make the most of their offerings in our homes and workplaces.

1.  PPE


Before March 2020, I doubt the majority of us had heard the term ‘personal protective equipment, however, it’s now something that many of us now use regularly in public places. Masks, visors, and gloves have all been crucial components of the fight against coronavirus.

Ensuring a robust industry dedicated to the creation of these items will avoid the supply issues the world experienced at the start of the pandemic and create a steady supply of PPE to help the fight against any future pandemics.

2.  Medical Equipment

Medical equipment such as oxygen sensors, oxygen therapy machines, and ventilators have been invaluable in supporting patients suffering from COVID-19.

Many companies, based in Washington state and beyond, offer sensors that can monitor the oxygen concentrations being inhaled and exhaled by patients hooked up to respiratory devices.

The widespread use of this medical equipment helped to save many lives during the pandemic and will continue to be crucial when monitoring patients suffering from illnesses that affect the respiratory tract, as many coronaviruses do.

3.  Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions

One of the best tools for helping to maintain social distancing during the pandemic was the ability for many businesses to work from home. This option was made available only by the incredible array of technology now on offer to help colleagues stay in touch outside of the office.

Video call platforms such as Zoom and Skype as well as document sharing platforms have offered the ability for companies to run as normal even when working remotely.

This shift in working culture is better not just for the environment, but also acts to slow down the spread of viruses, making it a key component of any plan to avoid infection in a pandemic.

4.  Hygiene Solutions

Hygiene products such as hand sanitizer, hand soap, and anti-bacterial spray were pivotal in the fight against COVID-19, ensuring people could visit shops, offices and use public transport without catching infections through contaminated surfaces.

Continuing to assure that workplaces and leisure spaces are sanitary with the use of these products will be key in slowing the spread of viruses, from coronaviruses to the common cold.

These industries have proven invaluable to the global battle against coronavirus, and many have even shaped the way we approach our daily lives.

We can learn lessons from this shock to the global health system by future-proofing against potential pandemics using the technologies and solutions listed above!

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