IEXEC RLC Price Prediction – Is It A Good Investment?

The global crypto market is enhancing in leaps and bounds. Although the market is ever fluctuating and is embedded with a series of risk factors, it is really lucrative if you are aware of the tricks and tips. In addition, a sound knowledge of crypto tokens is necessary to get success. IEXEC RLC coin is becoming a talk among crypto investors these days. This guide will explore whether the IEXEC RLC coin is a good investment in 2021 through a detailed IEXEC RLC price prediction.



Let’s kickstart the guide with a definition of the IEXEC RLC coin. So the question here is what is IEXEC RLC? IEXEC RLC is an Ethereum token suitable for the IEXEC cloud platform. Its main objective is to make users monetize it and rent computing data/power and monetize.

One unique thing about IEXEC RLC is that it facilitates powering applications in the form of a decentralized marketplace for cloud resources. Who uses IEXEC RLC? The answer is IBM, one of the largest American tech companies has closely worked with IEXEC RLC coin for making SGX tech. Is IEXEC RLC a good investment? We will explore that in the below sections with the help of IEXEC RLC Price Prediction. Stay tuned!

Present IEXEC RLC Price

The live price of IEXEC RLC Price on 28th October 2022, is $3.84 USD. In addition, the 24-hour trading volume is $38,234. The 24 h low/ 24 h high value is $4.16/$4.39.

Market Rank Or Market Cap

Statistical measures like market rank or market cap help in determining the IEXEC RLC Price prediction. So, let us see the total market value of the coin along with market position in the below table.

Trading Volume 24h    $21,547,688.91 33.38%
Volume / Market Cap 0.06335
Market Dominance0.01%
Market Rank#168

52 Week High And 52 Week Low

By analyzing 52 weeks high and 52 week low statistics, the IEXEC RLC Price Prediction can be done effectively. In the table below, we have detailed the 52 week high/low value in terms of RLC price prediction. Not only this, but also we have mentioned 7 days low and high price:

7d Low / 7d High$3.65 / $4.50
52 Week Low / 52 Week High$0.6446 / $16.26

IEXEC RLC Price Prediction

The most awaited section of the guide is finally here – IEXEC RLC Price Prediction. It is an important statistic to determine whether you should invest in a crypto coin. Needless to say that IEXEC RLC Price Prediction is not really an easy task. It requires immense market knowledge, historical dataset, and expertise to prepare predicted values. Nowadays.

14 Days Historical Data

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price
2021-10-27Open:  4.22678Close:  3.79996Low:  3.73633High:  4.35614
2021-10-26Open:  4.25615Close:  4.23268Low:  4.18428High:  4.3854
2021-10-25Open:  4.03223Close:  4.26674Low:  4.01851High:  4.32624
2021-10-24Open:  4.18344Close:  4.04722Low:  3.92531High:  4.19537
2021-10-23Open:  4.11081Close:  4.17733Low:  4.0185High:  4.17928
2021-10-22Open:  4.18647Close:  4.12413Low:  4.06368High:  4.26048
2021-10-21Open:  4.39459Close:  4.16542Low:  4.16542High:  4.50047
2021-10-20Open:  4.32138Close:  4.4037Low:  4.30026High:  4.49297
2021-10-19Open:  4.54851Close:  4.31354Low:  4.28088High:  4.59023
2021-10-18Open:  4.75326Close:  4.56109Low:  4.43401High:  4.75326
2021-10-17Open:  4.54319Close:  4.68443Low:  4.26637High:  4.71493
2021-10-16Open:  4.56119Close:  4.54768Low:  4.49944High:  4.79738
2021-10-15Open:  4.28242Close:  4.55034Low:  4.17557High:  4.93664
2021-10-14Open:  4.4223Close:  4.28345Low:  4.25154High:  4.51097


Analysis: The above table is an RLC crypto price prediction dataset of 14 days of historical data. It enhances the understanding of RLC coin price prediction. The table denotes that over the last 14 days, RLC coin price had an increasing trend with fewer fluctuations.

14 Days Upcoming IEXEC RLC Price Prediction

DatePriceMin PriceMax Price
2021-10-29Price:  4.020Min:  3.686Max:  4.355
2021-10-30Price:  4.075Min:  3.739Max:  4.431
2021-10-31Price:  4.028Min:  3.693Max:  4.352
2021-11-01Price:  4.022Min:  3.691Max:  4.376
2021-11-02Price:  4.059Min:  3.730Max:  4.404
2021-11-03Price:  4.017Min:  3.677Max:  4.356
2021-11-04Price:  4.013Min:  3.659Max:  4.344
2021-11-05Price:  4.185Min:  3.863Max:  4.529
2021-11-06Price:  4.240Min:  3.898Max:  4.583
2021-11-07Price:  4.194Min:  3.846Max:  4.515
2021-11-08Price:  4.187Min:  3.844Max:  4.536
2021-11-09Price:  4.224Min:  3.906Max:  4.561
2021-11-10Price:  4.182Min:  3.844Max:  4.514
2021-11-11Price:  4.178Min:  3.830Max:  4.510


Analysis: The above table is an IEXEC RLC Price Prediction which gives more clarity about the future of IEXEC RLC price in future. As you can see the price, maximum, and minimum price all have an increasing trend. As per IEXEC RLC Price Prediction 2021, by 11th November 2021, the coin might attain a maximum price of $4.510. Furthermore, RLC coin price prediction also says that the average price of the coin will also increase from $4.07 USD on 29th November 2021 to $4.17 on 11th November.

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The IEXEC RLC Price Prediction

Graphical Presentation IEXEC


Analysis: From the above trend line of IEXEC RLC coin price prediction, it is possible to determine the RLC price. We can predict that the RLC price would move upwards by 2023. The curve in the above diagram shows the overall good health of the coin in the upcoming years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What Is The IEXEC RLC Price Today?

The price of IEXEC RLC coin on today’s date is $3.874 USD. Please note that this value keeps changing.  

Q2. Does IEXEC Rlc Have A Future?

IEXEC RLC has a good future; in fact, a pretty bright future as we can see from  IEXEC RLC Price prediction. It is possible to expect that IEXEC RLC has a future price of $20.821 USD which is almost 7 times more than the present amount. So, indeed, it is a profitable investment.

Q3. How Does IEXEC RLC Work?

It is important to know how IEXEC RLC works in order to get an idea of IEXEC RLC Price prediction. So IEXC takes processing-intensive computation off-chain system for making on-chain functions of blockchain run smoothly. Plus, it supports smart contracts DApps as well as their platforms.   

Q4. Will IEXEC RLC Price Grow / Rise / Go Up?

According to the IEXEC RLC Price prediction, there is a high possibility that its price will go up. It will increase from $3.874 USD to $7.455 USD within 2022. 

Q5. What Will IEXEC RLC Be Worth In Five Years (2026)?

As per IEXEC RLC Price Prediction, the future price of the coin will be $20.821 US.

The Verdict – Should You Invest In IEXEC RLC?

At the end of the study, the question that we have to address is whether you should invest in IEXEC RLC. If you have assessed the IEXEC RLC in detail, you are supposed to observe that the coin is having a profitable future. By 2022, its price may go up to more than $7.00 which is pretty great. The 5-year IEXEC RLC Price Prediction is also giving a good vision of the coin. Hence YES, you can invest in IEXEC RLC but be ready always to deal with the market risks.  

Disclaimer: Dear readers, the IEXEC RLC Price Prediction above and other facts are just assumptions. The data above refers to the information present in the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might change based on the situation.

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