Cro Price Prediction – Is It A Good Investment?

by Investing 15 November 2021

Cro price prediction

The crypto markets have a strong network of computers that basically maintain their governance. Since crypto investments embrace risks, it is necessary to learn about their market potential, performance, and future yield. Among the thousands of crypto coins in the market, Cro coin is becoming a notable one. But as it’s a newcomer, a number of investors are not aware of its future potential. That’s why we have come up with this informative Cro crypto price prediction guide.

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What Is CRO Coin?

What Is CRO Coin

CRO Price prediction or coin price prediction is the recent talk of the town in the international crypto market. is one of the fastest moving crypto apps with 1 huge user base… approximately 10 million. In terms of market performance, it holds 23rd position in terms of market cap. 

However, as Cro coin is a new arrival in the market, its legitimacy is still in question. The biggest doubt that investors have is whether Cro coin is a good investment? To answer this question, check out the detailed Cro price prediction in the sections below.

Present CRO Price

The present CRO price that is on the day of 30th October 2022 is $0.2196 USD. The Crypto com price prediction by market researchers indicates that over the next 4 days the price would increase in value. 

Market Rank Or Market Cap

Market cap in the crypto market is that metric that determines the summative market value of the company’s outstanding stock shares. It is an important determinant of Cro coin price prediction in 2021. Coin Price $0.2196
24h Low / 24h High $0.2098 / $0.2294
Trading Volume24h $98,490,582.20 0.12%
Volume / Market Cap 0.01776
Market Dominance 0.21%
Market Rank  #38

52 Week High And 52 Week Low

The 52 weeks high and 52 weeks low is a useful metric in order to make a CRO price prediction. Below is the 52 weeks High/Low values of CRO coin along with 7 D low and 7 days high as well as all-time high value since Feb 22:

7d Low / 7d High $0.1862 / $0.2241
52 Week Low / 52 Week High $0.05383 / $0.271
All-Time High Feb 22, 2021 (8 months ago) $0.271 18.97%

CRO Price Prediction

The coin price prediction is critical to know before making an investment. In the below segment we have presented 14 days of historical Cro price and upcoming coin price prediction. These will give you a comprehensive idea about the feasibility of Cro coin investment.

14 Days Historical Data

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
2021-10-28 Open:  0.188121 Close:  0.201728 Low:  0.186435 High:  0.208077
2021-10-27 Open:  0.204601 Close:  0.188008 Low:  0.187652 High:  0.208386
2021-10-26 Open:  0.20082 Close:  0.204595 Low:  0.200466 High:  0.209183
2021-10-25 Open:  0.192023 Close:  0.200954 Low:  0.191511 High:  0.203165
2021-10-24 Open:  0.19417 Close:  0.192217 Low:  0.189894 High:  0.19727
2021-10-23 Open:  0.187572 Close:  0.194078 Low:  0.186481 High:  0.194078
2021-10-22 Open:  0.189327 Close:  0.187508 Low:  0.185072 High:  0.196224
2021-10-21 Open:  0.191065 Close:  0.188464 Low:  0.187501 High:  0.198503
2021-10-20 Open:  0.187282 Close:  0.190932 Low:  0.184275 High:  0.192212
2021-10-19 Open:  0.186403 Close:  0.187468 Low:  0.182703 High:  0.187816
2021-10-18 Open:  0.18885 Close:  0.186825 Low:  0.180664 High:  0.190727
2021-10-17 Open:  0.191565 Close:  0.18888 Low:  0.183574 High:  0.191808
2021-10-16 Open:  0.190181 Close:  0.191298 Low:  0.189193 High:  0.194755
2021-10-15 Open:  0.187034 Close:  0.190242 Low:  0.185141 High:  0.192257


Analysis: The table above is a useful component of CRO price prediction in 2021. It helps in conducting accurate CRO crypto price prediction with 14 days’ historical CRO price

Upcoming CRO Price Prediction

Date Price Min Price Max Price
2021-10-30 Price:  0.2094 Min:  0.2021 Max:  0.217
2021-10-31 Price:  0.210 Min:  0.2029 Max:  0.218
2021-11-01 Price:  0.210 Min:  0.2029 Max:  0.218
2021-11-02 Price:  0.211 Min:  0.2028 Max:  0.218
2021-11-03 Price:  0.2093 Min:  0.2016 Max:  0.217
2021-11-04 Price:  0.2089 Min:  0.2013 Max:  0.217
2021-11-05 Price:  0.214 Min:  0.2063 Max:  0.221
2021-11-06 Price:  0.216 Min:  0.2085 Max:  0.223
2021-11-07 Price:  0.217 Min:  0.2092 Max:  0.225
2021-11-08 Price:  0.217 Min:  0.2094 Max:  0.225
2021-11-09 Price:  0.217 Min:  0.2099 Max:  0.225
2021-11-10 Price:  0.216 Min:  0.2082 Max:  0.223
2021-11-11 Price:  0.215 Min:  0.2078 Max:  0.223
2021-11-12 Price:  0.221 Min:  0.213 Max:  0.228


Analysis: The above table is an upcoming CRO coin price prediction which you must know while dealing with CRO coins. As you can see the CRO price on 30th October 2020 is  $0.20 USD, while on 12th November, the price might reach $0.22. A similar increasing trend is visible in the maximum price and minimum price sections as well. So, within 12th November 2021, the CRO price prediction results are quite positive.

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The CRO Price Prediction

Graphical Presentation Cro Price


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. In The Past 24 Hours, Why Did Cro Drop So Much?

Shockingly, in the last 24 hours, the CRO price has dropped by more than 8.9%. The reason might be increasing bond yields and traders’ psychology. Most of the traders believed that the prices are really higher.

Q2. What Will Be The Cro Price By 2022?

As per the CRO price prediction by market researchers, by 2022, the CRO price would reach $1.5. So, you can expect a high Return On Investment (ROI) from investing in the CRO.

Q4. What Will Be The Cro Price By 2023?

According to CRO price prediction, by 2023, the CRO coin price is expected to reach $2. It indicates that investing in CRO now will deliver lucrative results. We can also expect it to increase more in the long run.

Q5. Is Cro A Good Coin In 2021?

As per the Cro price prediction, it is one of the highest performing cryptocurrencies this year. Therefore, in 2021, market researchers are considering it as a good investment. As a result, all crypto traders are required to be cautious while dealing with cryptocurrencies as they keep fluctuating rapidly. 

The Verdict – Should You Invest In CRO?

Nevertheless, whatever the present price or the future CRO price prediction is, the concern for volatility would always remain. So, you have to be prepared always before investing in any form of bitcoin. Considering the Cro price prediction and present market performance, Cro coin is considered a solid investment. You should go for it! 

That’s it about Crypto com price prediction? If you have any questions for us, drop them in the comment area below!

Disclaimer: Dear readers, the CRO Price Prediction above and other facts are just assumptions. The data above refers to the information present in the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might change based on the situation.

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