4 Ideas To Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

by Business Development 09 October 2020


Is your business in manufacturing? Improving your processes and efficiency could lead to a much bigger return on investment and boost the return on your margins too.

Whether your company does manufacturing for goods, trade, or any other kind of business, better processes will help to increase your profit margins and keep your staff happy at the same time.

Cutting Costs

In today’s world, manufacturing is getting more and more expensive, and the competition is much higher too, especially from countries like China where the cost of living (and resulting wages paid) is much lower than Canada.

For many traders, though, it’s not always about the lowest cost. It might be that you can’t produce your products at a reduced rate like those coming from China, but if you can capitalize on the fact that your products are manufactured here in Canada, that premium could work in your favor.

Here are four more ways you can improve efficiency in your manufacturing process to boost profits and increase your profit margins.

Get A Reliable Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts in manufacturing are absolutely vital. They transport products and parts from one part of the factory to another, improving efficiency as they go, but what happens when those belts break down?

A huge problem in manufacturing factories is unreliable machinery, and your conveyor belts are vital pieces of machinery. Invest in really high quality and reliable products, from rubber conveyor belts to chain conveyor belts, get the best you can afford for your business, and improve your abilities to work smarter.

Cut Down Waste

Waste is a huge problem for factories. Not only are you using more material than you need, but you also need to pay to have the waste removed and pay employees to organize that removal.

Whatever you are manufacturing, find out exactly how much of the raw materials you need, and don’t overestimate. If you are into metal fabrication, using sinker EDM equipment can help you minimize metal wastage. Clothing manufacturers, for example, can also save so much money on fabric by working out how to get the pattern onto the fabric with the least amount of wastage possible.

This saving can then be passed onto consumers, boosting your brand’s favor with them.

Train Your Teams

They say a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and this is absolutely true for your manufacturing team.

Weak links in your team can slow the whole process down and even cause resentment to build up; it’s vital that you identify these weak links and make sure the training and support are in place to get the best out of your employees.

Improve Teamwork

Happy employees work better and work smarter, and happy employees are employees that have been well trained, know their job inside out, know what needs to be done and when they have enough autonomy to make decisions. This often means they are well respected and well-compensated for their time.

Cutting costs by cutting wages may seem like an obvious way to improve your profits, but in the long run, it will damage your efficiency. Pay peanuts, get monkeys, as the famous phrase says.

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