Why Do I Hate My Job? How To Handle A Job That You Hate?

by Job & Career 29 September 2023

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After the second quarter ended with an average score reflecting on the PMS, I came out from that twenty-story corporate building and lit up a cigarette. 

Even the smoke feels distasteful. 

Throwing the half-burned butt-end of the Marlboro on the clean terrain of the building premises, I gazed up. The smoke and sighs stuck in my lungs, and my heart transfused and formed four words that sounded something like this – “I hate my job.”

If you are reading this, I can understand the position you are in. I also know that it does not end there. You constantly keep saying, “I’m done with this job.” But is there a way out? Well, there is. 

Is the way out of this through quitting your job? Maybe or maybe not. 

Keep reading to find the answer that helps you with your current condition. 

I Hate My Job, What To Do Now? 

I Hate My Job, What To Do Now

If you find yourself saying this, maybe you are stuck somewhere that does not feel too comfortable. 

Such situations can make things we want to see hazy and blurry. 

But there is a way out. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. 

Now gaze inside yourself and ask, “I hate my job, but why?” 

  • Does your boss give you a tough time?
  • Do you hate the company you work for?
  • Do you find yourself working a job that you do not want to do?
  • Are you in the wrong industry?

I am sure finding answers to one of these questions will help you find out why you hate your job. 

The first step to solving the problem is realizing the problem and identifying where the problem lies. 

…Is It Burnout?

Hate is a strong word and a strong emotion. But it should not guide you to make a decision you regret later. Working constantly with heavy workloads and responsibilities might lead to burnout, which might make you feel like, ‘Gosh, I hate my job.’

You might be working your dream job and be feeling this way. Trust me, I have experience. 

But, sometimes, we fail to use the RIGHT WORD for the RIGHT FEELING.

Countless studies track the three roots of burnout. They are something like this –

Exhaustion – You lose energy and feel constantly fatigued. 

Cynicism – Little by little, you stopped believing in your ideals for work. Now, you care little about the quality of your work and your clients and coworkers.

Inefficacy – Gradually, you become less and less productive, and it becomes difficult for you to bounce back. 

If you are feeling any of the feelings above, then you are facing burnout. 

At this moment, leaving your job might not be the right solution. Maybe you are doing the right job. But the workload and the pressure are making you feel like you hate it. 

There are some solutions to take you out of this condition and get back on track. Take a break every now and then. Give yourself time, and spend more time with your loved ones. Making yoga, relaxation, and meditation a part of your daily routine is also great. 

But what if it was not burnout

How To Handle A Job You Hate?

How To Handle A Job You Hate

When you say, ‘I hate my job,’ it is a feeling coming from inside. 

Studies have found that 85% of the professionals working in any industry feel that they hate their job.

And then we go back to the world and see it surrounding us like an unfair and unclean shroud of frustration and judgment. It is us against the world and the world against us. 

Can we change the world? Possibly not. We do not have control over the world. 

But we have control over ourselves.

We can change how we think and feel. We can regulate ourselves and stir things around us to work in our favor. How? 

The first and most professional way is to have a clear and open chat with your boss. I know I know; that might sound like a terrible idea. But hear me out. You can set up a one-on-one feedback meeting with your boss and discuss things that are not working out for you. 

Here are a few tips to help you –

  • Plan the meeting ahead and ready your data.
  • Give your feedback on their key behaviors. 
  • Suggest the changes you want with the proven positive impact it will have on the organization.

With structured and skilled communication, you can make changes in your favor. Talking to your manager and asking them about the scope you want to work for can help you find a new way forward. But you have to come up with a professional attitude and respectful manners. 

If this works out for you, then it is good enough. But what if it does not? Then, you might have reached the edge of the cliff. 

Is It OK To Quit A Job You Hate?

Yes, there is a tough person inside all of us who keeps telling themselves that it is a bad day.

But how often has it been for you? Almost every day? 

Successive bad days at work might make you say, ‘I hate my job,’ and believe me, it is the good angel speaking. Why work a job that makes you feel miserable? On top of that, if you are not earning enough and getting no mentorship, then why stay?

It is time to leave. 

The Search: Finding A Job That You Do Not Hate

It is difficult to find a job that you love. But it is not impossible. First, ask yourself the skills that helped you rank up in your profession. Then, work on those skills and look for jobs that require those skills. 

Do you think that you need to change your field? If yes, then do it. But, ensure what you are comfortable with first. Take suggestions and help from people already working in the industry you are interested in. Then, head out on your journey to find a new job. 

  • Try using different job search platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. 
  • Apply for the job roles that you would love to work on. 
  • Network with people working in the industry you want to work in. 

You will find many career advisors and free help and coaching online; go through them and do your research.

Bottom Line

If you read this article through, I hope that you found it insightful. Hating a job or a career in today’s day and age is common. But, finding the right answer might require a more personalized answer. Ask a career advisor to help you get through this confusing situation. If you want this phase to feel more bearable, you should talk to your partner or your loved ones who would listen to you. 

Hopefully, you have found the answer that helps you with your condition. Let us know if there are any queries we can help you to solve.

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