How To Send Large Video Files? – 7 Best Ways To Do

by Technology 30 December 2023

Select How To Send Large Video Files? – 7 Best Ways To Do How To Send Large Video Files? – 7 Best Ways To Do

Right after you and your trekking gang finish the journey, it is time to share the photos and the videos. Because you were in charge of the camera, all your friends started asking for those videos and pictures. We cannot keep a new Instagram reel waiting, can we? 

But the files are too large? So, How to send large video files? Is there no point asking for a hard drive from everyone? We are living in a time of cloud storage. Why not use that? Wait, you need a suggestion? 

If you want to know how to send all those large videos to your friend, this article is for you. Here is a list of different ways of sending large video files. 

1. Google Drive

This is the easiest way to send your large video files to someone else. Just upload the video file on Google Drive and share edit access with your friends. All you need is their email IDs. Google Drive is the most known cloud platform nowadays. Also, the fact that it is free and end-to-end encrypted gives users peace of mind. 

The people you share the drive with will have access to the files and can view and make changes. But, there is a con. You cannot upload files larger than 15 GB. A good tip would be to share the files one after another. Once they have saved the previous files, you can delete them and upload new files in their places. Sound interesting? You can even extend the cloud storage capacity by paying extra. 

But if you want alternatives, try out these options –

  • Dropbox – 2GB free storage
  • pCloud – 10GB free storage
  • Mediafire – 10GB free storage
  • Mega – 20GB free storage

2. We Transfer

If you are thinking about sending the videos directly to someone, you must have someone you can use to transfer. This is a free app, and you do not have to worry about signing up. Cool, right? You can send a video that is less than 2 GB in size. Also, there is a timer or expiration date feature that automatically deletes the sent video after a period of time.

You can set the expiration date as per your need. But, if you need to send larger files, then upgrade to the paid version. You can send up to 20 GBs with the upgrade version. But it will cost you more than $120 per year.

3. Jumpshare

How to send large video files? You can use the apps I mentioned before. But here is another option worth trying. I am talking about Jumpshare. This app allows you to share files under the size of 250MB. Yes, 250 mbs are not too large in today’s time. But, this tool is extremely helpful thanks to its ease of use.

You can create a Jumpshare shortcut on your desktop. Then, just drag and drop the file you want to share in the app’s shortcut. This will automatically create a share link you can forward to someone. Office workers will love this app. 

4. Sendy Pro

How to send large video files? Yes, I am talking about files that are more than 10 GB. Well, I do have an answer. Have you heard of Sendy Pro? That’s your answer. This cloud platform gives you a storage of 1 TG. Also, you can send files of a maximum size of 50GB. Yes, you heard correctly.

But, this app also has a limitation of storage for the free version. If you want to extend that, you have to pay $7.99 per month. More so, you can also use Sendy Pro as a Chrome Extension. You have to upload the file on the platform, and then you can share it using a six-digit key. But, similar to other platforms, you can also share links.

5. MASV 

Yes, most of these file-sharing platforms I suggested are free and are good. But is there something for professionals? How to send large video files as a professional video producer? MSVB has got you sorted. This is a paid and professional video-sharing cloud platform. 

But you have to pay $0.25 per GB. But be prepared with your bandwidth. This cloud storage will eat up a lot of your internet speed. A slow network connection will not really help. 

6. UDP

Here is another way of sending files to people on the internet – use UDP (User Datagram Protocol). If you are googling how to send large video files, then here is your answer. But you have to sign in to use Aspera or File Catalyst for sharing files on this platform. 

You will have to pay a large amount of fees for accessing this. Aspera Cloud demands $0.95 per GB. Also, UDP uses all of your internet bandwidth. So, if you feel that you can spend this much, you can consider this option. 

7. Use Xender

Well, Xender is one of the OG ways of sending files to people. But this is an offline method. You can share files with your peers when the devices are within the range of their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. You can connect to different devices and share large video, audio, and image files. You can also share an entire folder with your peers. 

Bottom Line

We are beyond the age of megabytes. They feel like stone age, while we have videos of small runtime with massive file sizes. But, it should not let us stop sharing the videos with our friends. So, How to send large video files? I did share different ways of sending videos with your friends. You can use these methods (both paid and free). But choose whatever is best for you. 

By the way, did you find this article informative? Please let us know your feedback regarding the same. Thank you for reading.

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