7 Important Motorcycles Accident FAQs and What to Do after It Happens

by Automotive Published on: 28 April 2018 Last Updated on: 01 September 2022

Motorcycles Accident

Motorcycles are a great means of transport for those who love adventure. It is wise to know that the gear that one wears while riding is a must and not optional. This protects you from serious injuries in case of an accident.

While this is not something that you will be able to prove on your own, working with a top motorcycle accident lawyer can help you gather the facts and evidence regarding the case. They will be able to extract the mechanical details of the vehicle.

But in case you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, it is important to remain calm and follow the right steps in getting help and everything else required. Most riders do not know exactly what to do after an accident. They do not have sufficient information if the steps to take after that.

Motorcycle accident FAQ:

  1. What does the term comparative negligence mean for a rider who is involved in an accident with a car?

It means that the motorcycle’s brake light, headlamp and tail light are out. especially if the accident has happened at night.

  1. If injured in the accident, will your paid sick leave from work or health insurance coverage limit your recovery process?

If injured, whether you had to pay for your medical care from your own pocket or the health insurance met the bills is not relevant. Even if time was lost away from work, no one covers for that. Your own health insurance may require you to reimburse it out of your settlements or awards for the treatment of your injuries.

  1. What should you do immediately you are involved in any motorcycle accident?

Never admit to any accusations or sign anything that the driver has asked you to sign. This may put you in a complicated position later. If you are not seriously injured, take pictures of any damages or injuries to your motorcycle as well as the car. Contact your lawyer as well to let them know in case any legal battles are brought forth by the other party or by yourself.

  1. What if you only use the motorcycle on the weekend alone? Do you have to wear a helmet?

Not just the helmet but the all safety gear. Wear them at all times without fail. You never know when an accident will happen or who else is using the road. Most states will not allow you to ride without at least a helmet.

For more than 20 years, our top motorcycle collision lawyer has been helping motorcycle accident injury victims across Mississippi. We can help you, too. Our Mississippi law firm’s goal is to get you justice and the maximum compensation for your injuries.

  1. If you are injured in an accident while not wearing a helmet, can you claim damages from the other driver?

If it shows that your failure to wear a helmet contributed to your sustaining the injuries, it can be hard to get paid for your damages. But if the injuries have nothing to do with the helmet, of course, you get a warning from the authorities but you still get compensated.

  1. How do you know if your motorcycle helmet is acceptable under your state’s helmet law?

When shopping for a helmet, look for one that is already labeled with the United States Transportation department (D.O.T) label. This is the certification of the manufacturer that the helmet conforms to the federal safety standards.

  1. Should you tell the police if you are involved in an accident but are not hurt?

Generally, yes! If the traffic accident does not involve anyone hurt but maybe the property is destroyed, it is wise to call the police as well. This helps them keep a record, especially of the drivers’ conduct.

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