The Most Successful Horse Racing Owners In The World

by Business Development 11 April 2023

Horse Racing

Horse racing ownership continues to be one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Indeed, owning a horse and training it to participate in horse races can be a very successful business plan for those who succeed in training award-winning horses.

Financial gains are made from winning prestigious horse races with a big financial prize and other high-profile and prestigious horse competitions. Owners can also make a profit by encouraging individuals to bet on their horses ahead of a race.

For example, they might look at Kentucky derby odds before deciding whether or not to place a bet on a jockey or horse.

Successful horse racing owners take these factors into account when investing in horses, equipment, and training sessions.

This article will profile some of the most successful horse racing owners in the world, their beginnings, their winnings, and their most famous horses.

Who are the most successful horse racing owners?

Here is a list of some of the world’s most successful and famous horse racing owners.

1. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is the present monarch of Dubai. He is also the vice president and defense minister of the Arab Emirates. He owns the most extensive worldwide horse breeding operation, the Darley Stud.

The Darley Stud has opened some horse breeding farms in Ireland, England, Japan, the United States, and Australia.

Mohammed’s love for horse racing comes from his childhood and his passion for horses. As a child, the Sheikh reportedly raced horses and shared his breakfast with his horse when heading to school.

His love for horses continued into his adulthood and led to his interest in horse ownership and to him eventually buying his first horses. 

Mohammed’s exact winnings have not been disclosed. However, a New York Times article reports that his horses have won over $60 million USD in North America alone.

Some of Sheikh Mohammed’s most famous horses include Ghaiyyath, which was awarded the highest score in horse history and won Cartier Horse of the Year.

2. Alain and Gérard Wertheimer

Alain and Gérard are two French brothers who have invested in horse racing as well as owning one of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands, Chanel. The brothers’ grandfather co-founded Chanel with Coco Chanel herself.

Forbes has estimated each brother’s net worth to be 31.6 billion USD.

Alain and Gérard Wertheimer both love horses and equestrian sports. This love for equestrian sports and horse racing goes back several generations.

Indeed, the brothers’ grandparents already had a real interest and passion for horse racing which led them to purchase a horse racing stable.

The brothers have since then inherited this well-known thoroughbred horse racing stable. It is now known as the Wertheimer et Frère partnership in France but as Wertheimer Farm or La Presle Farm in the United States.

The brothers have had several famous horses but the most remarkable one was Goldikova. Goldikova was the only horse to win three Breeders’ Cup Mile races.

3. Mary Alice Dorrance Malone

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone is investing some of her fortunes earned as an heiress of the Campbell Soup company into horse racing. She is the largest shareholder of the company and a board member.

Forbes estimates her net worth to be $4.2 billion USD.

Her passion for equestrian sports stems from her childhood. In order to devote herself to equestrian sports, she bought a horse breeding farm in Pennsylvania known as Iron Spring Farm.

The company has now expanded to Florida as well where a performance center and breeding farm can be found.

Mary Malone has imported stallions from different countries, including from Germany and Poland. She imports impressive and successful stallions to her farm for breeding purposes.

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone’s most remarkable horse is Judgment. Judgment is the considerable triumphant American-bred jumper in the history of horse racing.

Just with Judgment’s success and accomplishments, Malone has earned $1.5 million USD in winnings.

Other successful horse racing owners

Here is a list of other successful horse racing owners known for their fortune and the remarkable prowess of their horses:

  • John Magnier
  • The Niarchos Family
  • B. Wayne Hughes
  • Bob McNair
  • Gerald J. Ford
  • Kevin Plank
  • Julio Bozano
  • Charlotte Weber

Final thoughts

This article profiled some of the most successful horse racing owners in the world. Their early beginnings, background, net worth, most remarkable horses, and some of their winnings, were included in this article.

The three owners that this article particularly focused on all own at least one horse breeding farm that they use to train successful and highly skilled horses. 

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