The importance of web application architecture when designing an app for your business

by Technology 24 December 2018

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Nowadays, we live in the era of the latest technology and the internet. We all have become incredibly dependent of our mobile phones, computers, and the most up-to-date gadgets which we use every day even for the most basic tasks which we need to complete both in our professional and personal lives. Apart from the fact that the digital revolution has made our everyday lives easier by using technology and the internet, it has also reinvented all businesses around the world. Not only that a business mobile app is offering a better exposure to the customers, but it also makes the process of purchasing products or services less complicated for the clients which definitely results in increased sales for the businesses. It is incredibly important to make sure that when creating a mobile app for your business to keep in mind the needs and expectations of the customers. A well-developed mobile app should provide value by solving a problem of the customer, improve customer engagement by sending notifications about the latest deals and special events, and offer easy access to your inventory. Also, the most important reasons why your business should have a mobile app available for the customers is for creating brand awareness and building customer loyalty.

Developing a mobile app for the numerous benefits which it brings to your business is definitely a need. In order for a mobile application to be well-developed, choosing the right web applications architectures has great importance for creating a business mobile app which offers scalability, smooth performance, good user experience for your customers, constant availability, and real-time response. First of all, when thinking about developing the mobile app for your business, you need to understand what mobile application architecture means and what are the most important things to keep in mind in order for the app to offer all the things mentioned above both to your customers and your business.

What is mobile app architecture?

In order to create a fully structured mobile app, a combination of patterns and techniques which contract a mobile app architecture must be followed. The industry standards depending on the market trends from the niche of your business and the vendor requirements are extremely important to be taken into consideration when creating a mobile app architecture. The patterns and the techniques used to create the mobile app are developed for the development of the mobile architecture. A mobile application is composed by various layers such as business and data layers. While business layers refer to workflows, business entities, and user experience, the data layers include data access components and utilities, and service agents.

Since building a great mobile application architecture is essential for the success of your business application and enables its features to work flawlessly, there are few crucial factors which you need to keep in mind before starting to design your app architecture.

What to keep in mind when creating a mobile application architecture?

Bandwidth- high or low frequency?

Intermittent or not available connection means that when building your mobile app architecture, you need to keep in mind and focus on the worst-case scenarios which might happen such as the fluctuation of the internet speed which can affect the user experience of your customers. Power consumption and the speed need to be taken into consideration when selecting the software and the hardware protocols. Make sure that you design your cache mechanism, data access mechanism, and state management in a way to be suitable for a slow and intermittent internet connection.

Which device types are going to be used?

Determining the device types which your business mobile app is going to be used on by your customers is another important step which you need to be incredibly considerate about. Not only that each device has different characteristics which you need to keep in mind in order to make sure that your mobile application will work perfectly no matter the category of smartphone, but some specific hardware and software requirements also require you to take into consideration specific features such as screen resolution, the size of the screen, and memory of the device.

Choosing the right navigation method

An analysis of both front and back end is needed when choosing a navigation method, which means that you need to consider both your customer’s preferences and what are the requirements of the app. You must analyze and select the best fit for the architecture of your business mobile app among the numerous navigation methods available. The most famous navigation methods which you can choose from are a tab and modal controller, single view, scroll views, search-driven navigation, and stacked navigation bar.

Determinate the user interface:

Space, where interactions between your customers and your business app will occur, is going to be the user interface. Apart from the fact that a successful business application requires the use of creativity and a different exposure of style which is going to help you be different from your competitors, when creating the mobile user interface design, you also have to make sure that it is going to be a simple one which allows the users to interact intuitively to avoid creating a messy interface which might cause the app to fail.

In order to ensure that your business mobile app meets the requirements of your targeted audience, you need to follow certain guidelines when building the app so that you will be sure that it will work efficiently in many different scenarios.

Since we are spending most of our free time online using the most convenient device which is usually our mobile phones and the apps have become the dominant form of digital interaction, you definitely realize that a well-developed business app is extremely important in order to boost your sales and build a stronger customer loyalty and your online exposure, and it is a great tool which you can use to build a database of clients. Now that you understand better the fact that a business mobile app can set the foundation for the future of your business and that you know all the things which you should keep in mind when design your business mobile app which will work flawlessly by creating the best mobile app architecture, you need to invest time and money in developing a good business mobile app.

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